Brazilian Fitness Model Bru Luccas Emerges From The Pool In Skimpy Bikini For Hot New Pic

Bru Luccas stunned many of her 3 million Instagram followers on Thursday, May 21, with a hot new update in which she showed off her fit body in a skimpy bikini.

The picture showed the Brazilian fitness model standing on the shallow part of a swimming pool. Luccas had water droplets splashed all over her body, indicating that she was emerging from the pool. The photographer was outside and angled the camera down to capture her slightly from above.

Luccas stood with her legs hips-width apart while allowing both of her arms to rest by her sides. She arched her back slightly, making her booty pop and showcasing her slender waist.

Luccas looked into the lens straight-on. Her gaze was fixed and her lips were pressed together, in a timid side smile. Her fierce eyes were further intensified by her strong brows.

Luccas opted to wear a mismatched two-piece bathing suit. Her bikini top was solid white, which contrasted against her tan skin. It had small triangles that were wide apart, allowing her to show off her ample assets. The top included spaghetti straps that tied behind her neck and another that went around her back.

On her lower body, Luccas wore a pair of bottoms boasting horizontal lines in navy blue and white. The main part sat low, exposing her tight lower stomach while the straps were high on her hips.

Because her hair was wet, it was naturally slicked back and away from her face. Her tresses were worn loose and they fell onto her back. Luccas appeared to be wearing a bit of eye makeup and some blush dusted on her cheekbones.

In under 30 minutes after being posted, the photo has attracted more than 40,000 likes and over 330 comments, proving to have been an immediate hit with her fans. Instagram users flocked to the comments section to share an array of emoji and flattering comments.

"Oh goodness," one of her fans raved.

"W[O]WZA," replied another user, using a heart-eyes emoji in place of the letter "O."

"Beautiful amazing girl," a third admirer chimed in.

"Beautiful princess," added a fourth fan.

Luccas is no stranger to sharing bikini pics on her Instagram account. On May 20, she posted another image that saw her in a mismatched bikini, as The Inquisitr previously noted. The top, which was made of nylon fabric, had thick straps that rested on her shoulders, in addition to a straight-cut neckline. She added a pop of color to her look with a pair of neon green bikini bottoms. Its multi-string straps sat high on her hipbones.