May 20, 2020
Bethany Lily April Wears Nothing & Poses With An Electric Guitar

Bethany Lily April heated things up on her Instagram page today with a new two-part photo series that caught the attention of many of the model's followers. She wore nothing for the occasion and struck a couple of sultry poses with a guitar as a prop.

In the first photo, she sat on the floor as she propped herself up with one arm and extended her legs in front of herself. She sat in such a way to censor her torso with the electric guitar that was placed in a stand in front of her. Even so, her cleavage peeked through and her slender legs were visible.

The image was further embellished with a rainbow-colored bokeh light accent on the left side of the frame.

Bethany wore her hair down and her locks were brushed around her shoulder. She glanced at her phone screen and sat in front of a white vanity with a white chair. Small floating shelves to its right side were filled with shoes and accessories.

In the second snap, she sat up on her knees and leaned forward slightly as she faced the camera straight-on. It looked like the model censored the image with photo editing techniques, but it was still possible to make out her chest and bare hips. She wore her hair brushed over her left shoulder and her long, straight locks partially covered her face.

The photo set has received more than 62,500 likes so far and many admirers took to the comments section to rave about her new post. Many people referred to the guitar as they responded to the question in the caption.

"Gibson les Paul. I play indeed. Teach for a living too!" exclaimed a follower.

"That is a Gibson Les Paul. Slashes [sic] top choice of guitars. I wanted one so bad when I was younger. Yes, I do play. I used to be good too. Something else I'd like to get back into," wrote a second social media user.

"I love you more than the guitar," declared a third admirer.

"Wait, you play guitar too?" asked a curious devotee.

Bethany tantalized her followers with another sizzling photo series a couple of days ago, that time in a light blue lingerie set that she partially wore. In the first image, she was photographed posing on her stomach as she propped herself up with her arms. The left strap of her bra fell down her shoulder and her cleavage was hard to miss. She glanced outside a window with a flirty pout on her face and she was drenched in sunlight.