Danielley Ayala Flaunts Sideboob From Behind A Sheer Curtain In Sexy New Pic

Danielley Ayala takes a selfie.
Danielley Ayala / Instagram

Danielley Ayala hadn’t shared an Instagram update for about a week, but the model took to the platform today to share a sexy new photo. The caption revealed that her friend took the image of herself seemingly going fully nude and posing behind a sheer curtain, and her pose left some sideboob on show.

She stood with her left shoulder facing the camera and her left leg propped out in front. She also placed her left hand on her upper thigh and bent her elbow. It looked like she was glancing down toward the ground with her hair falling around her face and some of her locks were brushed behind her back.

The curtain that she stood behind was white and sheer, making the details of her figure hard to discern, but it did leave her curves on show. The photo was taken on a sunny day in front of a window, offering an interesting play of light and dark that emphasized her chest and tiny waist. Moreover, a peek of her bare derriere was visible behind her arm. Although she apparently wore nothing, the shadows fell on her chest and leg in such a way to tantalize her followers without revealing everything.

Since she was obstructed from plain view with the curtain, her makeup application and accessories were a mystery except for the one ring she rocked on her left hand.

Beyond the window was a scenic view with lots of green trees. There was a portion of the window on the right side of the frame that was uncovered and offered a small peek at the yard.

The post is proving to be popular so far and racked up over 52,300 likes in the first 25 minutes since it went live. Danielley’s adoring supporters headed to the comments section to send their love as well.

“I love sheer everything!!!!” exclaimed a supporter.

“All artsy and dope,” observed a second social media user.

Others responded to her question in the caption.

“Sexy shot gorgeous as usual,” gushed a third admirer.

“She did good that’s a great picture,” declared another devotee.

Danielley also took to her Instagram a week ago to share another post, which was a five-part photo series of herself in the bathtub. She went nude again and attempted to censor herself with white bubbles. In the first image of the set, she sat up and held the phone in front of her face. She threw her right hand in the air with the “rock on” sign and left her chest showing.