Fitness Trainer Kathryn Freeman Flaunts Her Insane Curves

Kathryn Freeman has heart rates escalating with her latest Instagram post. On Tuesday afternoon, the fitness trainer shared a new photo and noted that she was running errands, and she was most certainly doing it in style.

The Instagram photo shows Kathryn standing next to what appears to be a white Range Rover, a set of keys in one hand. In her caption, she said that she was moving so quickly as she worked on running errands that she forgot her food, and she segued into urging others to stick to their regimes.

The fitness trainer wore her long, dark hair pulled up into a high ponytail. In terms of accessories, she wore a set of dangling earrings along with a thin chain around her neck.

Kathryn appeared to keep her makeup look fairly simple for this outing, wearing what appeared to be a pale pink or nude lip color. She may have chosen a subdued makeup look for this excursion, but she did go with a bright hue for her exposed toes.

She wore silver strappy stiletto heels along with a tight, revealing long-sleeved black crop top. Kathryn finished the look with a rather risque pair of shorts that were light blue with vertical striping in a variety of hues.

Kathryn was photographed from the side from an angle that accentuated her extreme curves. The low-cut crop top revealed a significant amount of cleavage and the striped shorts only barely covered her curvaceous booty.

Fans could get a glimpse of the fitness trainer's flat tummy as well. There was no question that this outfit certainly showcased the jaw-dropping results of all of Kathryn's hard work in the gym.

Within minutes, Kathryn's 1.6 million fans had rallied to show their appreciation for this stunning look. More than 500 comments and 33,000 post likes accumulated in just the first couple of hours after this snap was initially uploaded and there was no shortage of love for the fitness trainer's curves.

"Definitely my motivation you look Amazing," praised one follower.

"Gawd....simply damn, you're kinda perfect," declared a fan.

"Well don't cause any traffic jams running errands you look great sis," noted another follower.

"My God ur body is AMAZING ma," shared someone else.

Followers of the popular fitness trainer know that Kathryn loves to flaunt her gym-home physique in outfits much like this one. She has shared posts in recent weeks featuring her wearing various skintight rompers and short dresses, each of the ensembles showcasing her ample bosom, thick thighs, and curvy derriere much like this new snap does.