Nata Lee Gets Cozy In Undies, Knee-High Socks, And Bear Robe

Nata LeeInstagram

Russian bombshell Nata Lee, who has been dubbed the “World’s Sexiest DJ,” recently stunned Instagram once more in a picture wherein she got cozy while wearing a simple white undergarment set. The snug at-home setting was the perfect upload for those stuck in quarantine across the globe.

In the shot, Lee wore a simple undergarment set. The top consisted of a classic white underwire bra which featured a small bow in the center of the cups as its only accent. Though only a glimpse of the bottoms could be seen at Lee’s hip, they appeared to be matching the bra top. The white hue of the set highlighted the DJ’s sun-kissed skin.

Lee completed the look with pair of fuzzy knee-high socks and a bear robe. The socks added a sweet yet sultry vibe to the shot. Meanwhile, the bear robe added a touch of playfulness. The robe was sleeveless and unzipped, flaunting Lee’s killer figure, but also gave the model a fun set of fake ears on the hood.

Lee posed while seated on a gray fur rug. One knee was bent upwards, showing off her long legs, while the other was curled behind her to emphasize the coziness of her position. The DJ shyly smiled while looking down, bringing her hand to her lip.

The setting for the shot appeared to be a luxurious chalet or winter lodge. In addition to the fur rug, a toasty fire was ablaze behind the model, with firewood and a forged iron tool set flanking the fireplace. In addition, what appeared to be a bottle of liquor was placed in the background.

The account that posted the shot was Aleksander Mavrin’s — the photographer serves not only as Lee’s manager, but also as the founder of Mavrin models, her agency.

The sizzling upload quickly earned close to 17,000 likes and just shy of 100 comments.

“OMG I think I’ve just seen the most beautiful girl in the world,” gushed one lovestruck user.

“Your photos are always amazing! And Natalee you are sooooo pretty,” added a second follower, along with a hugging face and heart emoji.

“So absolutely beautiful,” raved a third person.

“Woooooow,” concluded a fourth fan.

Though Lee appeared to be in a wintery mood in this new upload, other recent pictures have been much more summer-themed in nature. For example, the model recently posted a picture of herself in a neon green bikini top, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.