Kate Hudson Admits Shock At Pregnancy Only Two Months Into Matt Bellamy Relationship

Kate Hudson looked stunning in a red Gucci dress on the cover of the May 2013 Elle UK which hit the newstands Wednesday. However, what the 33-year-old Almost Famous actress had to say might raise a few eyebrows.

According to US Weekly, she described her relationship with the 34-year-old British Muse frontman, Matt Bellamy, this way: “It was all very old-fashioned and proper and we went on lovely dates, but two months later I was pregnant.”

Erm, I’m pretty sure that “all proper” isn’t how that happens.

She already had another son, nine-year-old Ryder, from her marriage with Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. But according to celebrity site JustJared, she’s now “a lot less rock chick and a lot more about being a good mother.”

If you’re thinking that Hudson is suddenly everywhere, you might be right. Her new film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, is scheduled for limited release in the US in April, followed by the UK release in May.

Despite the strain caused by getting pregnant only two months into her relationship with Bellamy, the two are still together, and they’ve said that they do plan to eventually get married. Their son, Bingham, was born in July.

Maybe to fan the fickle flames of fame, or maybe it was just an innocent blooper, but Hudson’s famous mom Goldie Hawn recently referred to the couple as being married. The rumor mill went nuts speculating that Hudson and Bellamy had married in secret, but most sources say no.

Either way, Hawn and her own long-time partner, Kurt Russell, have never bothered to marry. However, sources point out that she does sometimes refer to him as her husband, so it may be just a figure of speech for Hawn.

And please don’t be worried that Hawn is losing her marbles. Hudson said yesterday that if she wants advice on anything from dieting to dating, she still goes back to her mom.

But I doubt her mom advised Hudson that getting pregnant two months into the relationship was the way to go. That’s all on you, Kate.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com