Robin Roberts Shares Motivational Monday Message: 'Good Morning Sunshine'

Lucille Barilla

Robin Roberts shared what she called a "Motivational Monday" message with her 670,000 Instagram followers, beginning her cheery greeting with "good morning sunshine" before reading an inspirational quote and meditation for the day. The beloved news anchor regularly shares these types of messages with her fans as a way to get them up and ready to face the day, particularly during these uncertain times as the world faces a devastating health crisis.

The Good Morning America host was seen readying herself for yet another day's work as she spoke to her fans in a short video clip, calling this week one filled with endless possibilities.

Robin exclaimed how much she loved how the prayer allows those who feel like things are getting too difficult to reimagine those hardships as steppingstones to help them achieve higher goals in life.

Robin then asked her followers what their Monday motivations were and what was helping them during this challenging time. She shared that meditation was helping her stay focused and that five minutes a day is all it takes to help make one feel better. Robin then revealed that her beloved grandmother used to call that reflective meditative period "quiet time."

Wearing a tan, fuzzy robe over the clothing that she would wear during this morning's broadcast, Robin was made up, her hair perfectly curled and wearing a stunning set of costume jewelry. These included drop earrings and a gorgeous necklace that featured a large brown stone that lay on her chest.

As always, fans responded to Robin's message with a flurry of comments where they shared how they are using the power of positive thinking to push forward each and every day.

"A group in our town is adopting seniors to encourage and brighten their day on what would've been their graduation day. It's inspiring to see so many people wanting to do something for these kids. The one I have is majoring in journalism and is a huge fan of yours!!" stated a second fan of the broadcaster.