Addison Rae Easterling Stuns In Black Bikini, Surprises Fans With A Quadruple-Photo Update

Addison Rae Easterling surprised her fans on Sunday afternoon with a quadruple-photo update shared on her Instagram page. The TikTok star wore a plain black bikini and posed by sitting on a set of stairs that appeared to be leading to an apartment complex.

Her swimsuit displayed her athletically toned thighs and her midriff. Addison also exposed her shapely shoulders and cleavage. All four pictures were very similar, but in each one, she subtly changed her pose to give fans a different view of her outfit.

In each pic, she kept her left arm across her chest and gripped her upper right arm. She appeared relaxed in each photo, giving a soft facial expression to the camera. For the final picture, Addison tilted her head to the side.

Despite her minimal clothing, the pictures called for full glam. Addison accessorized her ensemble with thick gold hoop earrings and two gold necklaces. One of her necklaces included a snake pendant dangling from a thin chain. She wore a matching snake bracelet on her left arm and two thick gold rings.

For her makeup, Addison kept things classy and simple. She highlighted her brown eyes with mascara and eyeliner. She also groomed her eyebrows and filled in her lips with matte pink lipstick.

Finally, the 19-year-old used foundation across her face to mask any blemishes and dusted a little blush along the contours of her cheeks. She styled her brunette hair into a fashionable half-up and half-down look.

Addison did not say who designed her bikini or her jewelry. She also neglected to use Instagram's geotag feature to name the location of her impromptu photoshoot.

In her caption, she used lyrics from Frank Ocean's song "Pink Matter."

The social media sensation attracted a lot of attention with her latest Instagram share. Within eight hours of going live, her post racked up an astounding 2.8 million likes and over 26,400 comments.

Aside from Addison's regular followers, many of her famous friends and colleagues also liked and commented on her post, including Becky Hudson, Jake Clark, Hannah Meloche, Casey Baer, Anthony Marsella, Amanda Diaz, Nick Bean, Krissy Cela, and more.

"Excuse me how are u real," asked one fan.

"Ummmm okay sis go off!!!" exclaimed another admirer.

Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Addison had shared a few photographs of herself wearing a strapless black bikini. She shared the pics to take part in the emoji game, asking fans to tell her which emoji best matched her facial expressions.