Anllela Sagra Lifts Shirt And Shows Off Major Underboob For Latest Instagram Upload

Anllela Sagra looked flawless in the latest Instagram update she shared on Monday, April 20. In the new snapshot, she showed off her chiseled frame in a long-sleeved top-and-panties combo that set her fans' feeds on fire.

The update showed the 26-year-old standing indoors, seemingly inside her bathroom. An open door that led to her bedroom could be seen in the background. She posed in front of a full-body mirror while wearing skimpy attire, her hair looking damp. She angled her right hip to the side as she raised her right hand to her shoulder and held her phone with her left.

She lifted her shirt, showing off a fair bit of underboob. Fans also couldn't help but notice her flat stomach and rock-hard abs. She tilted her head to the side as she gazed into her phone's screen, smiling brightly.

The influencer flaunted her stunning figure in a long-sleeved gray shirt made of a ribbed material. While her toned midsection was exposed, the semi-turtleneck design of her top covered her neckline. She sported a pair of black Calvin Klein panties, which boasted high leg cuts that helped to elongate her thighs. Its thick waistband sported the brand's signature logo.

Anllela didn't bother to enhance her natural beauty with cosmetics, instead rocking a makeup-free look that flaunted her almost blemish-free skin. She didn't wear any accessories with her sexy ensemble, and her long, wet tresses hung down her shoulder and back.

In the caption of the post, she urged her fans to check out her Instagram bio for the link to her website, where she had recently uploaded new workout programs and more.

This latest share racked up over 194,000 likes and more than 1,300 comments in less than a day's time. Many of Anllela's admirers were quick to shower her with compliments. Some followers simply left a trail of emoji in the comments section, while others were decidedly more vocal in their praise.

"What a beautiful sight, as always. You have an amazing body and smile," one of her fans commented.

"Omg! You are so hot that when I looked at this pic, I forgot what to do. I wish to see you someday. Maybe when the pandemic is over, and I'm hoping that will happen soon," gushed another admirer.

"Impressive woman. What a gorgeous body! Congrats, keep working out!" a third social media user wrote.

"Your body is off the charts, but that smile though," added a fourth follower.