Jena Frumes Slays In Blue Crop Top & Mini Skirt As She Teases Fans With New Hairstyle

Instagram hottie Jena Frumes rocked a different look in her latest Instagram post, which was a huge hit with her followers. Jena sizzled in a blue ensemble, but she also threw on a wig that completely changed up her aesthetic.

The stunning model looked quite different while wearing what she was quick to point out was a wig. Initially, a lot of people wondered if this was Jena's natural hair, which she typically wears in gorgeous curls. In this case, the color looked the same, but the locks were cascading over Jena's shoulder in loose, long waves.

Jena noted that she never uses heat on her hair, which she would have had to do to achieve this style with her natural hair. However, had she not said anything, it looks like many of the model's fans would have assumed that this was a new style for her natural curls. Opinions on whether Jena's followers preferred this look or her natural curls were varied, but they thoroughly embraced her overall vibe in this snap.

Along with the wig, Jena showcased a rather delicate look with long eyelashes and light pink lip color. She wore a gold necklace, a watch, and several bracelets along with several rings on her fingers. Jena held a purse strap in one hand as she stood with her other hand on her hip.

Jena's outfit in this recent upload showcased her stunning figure. A casual short blue mini skirt was paired with a matching cropped top that allowed the model to show a fair amount of skin. Her bare midriff and curvy backside demanded attention, and Jena's followers went crazy over the casual but enticing vibe.

In about 20 hours, more than 180,000 of Jena's 3.8 million followers had liked this latest look. In addition, there were almost 2,000 comments posted.

"Curls make us unique but u r gorgeous regardless," noted one of Jena's fans.

"Love this hairstyle because you pull off anything but your personality is the curls for sure," shared someone else.

"What is there not to like about you, you're the definition of PERFECT!" praised a follower.

"OMG! Be still my heart," was the compliment coming from a different fan.

Jena has been sharing a mixture of recent selfies and older throwback photos during this quarantine period, and fans love every single one. Of course, this particular upload stood out from the rest due to the wig that completely transformed the model's look. The hairstyle may be different in this case, but Jena's curves are as gorgeous as ever and fans didn't hesitate to let her know how much they adore her style.