April 7, 2020
Ana de Armas Says She Was 'Shaking So Badly' Auditioning For Ryan Gosling, Discusses Being A 'Bond Girl'

In recent years, Ana de Armas has worked with a huge number of celebrities. One of her first starring roles came in 2017 when she played Joi alongside Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner: 2049. In order to land the part, de Armas had to go through a number of rounds of auditions, including one in which she had to audition in front of Gosling, as she recalled in an interview with American Way, the American Airlines in-flight magazine.

"Oh, hell yes I was nervous. I auditioned three times for [the role of] Joi, and the third time, I knew he would be there. I was shaking so badly. They put you in a room together and make you read things, to see how your chemistry is. I wish I had the tape of that meeting," the Knives Out actress said.

Since her role in Blade Runner: 2049, de Armas has also worked with leading men like Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, and Ben Affleck in the upcoming thriller Deep Water. Reports also suggest Affleck and de Armas started dating following the end of production on the film.

"I've been very lucky — because these men are all very handsome — but the best part of it is who they are as people. I've had the best partners," she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, de Armas also discussed her upcoming role in the James Bond film No Time to Die. It is now set to come out in November after it was pushed from its original April release date. Although it's a huge franchise, de Armas told the magazine that she was initially reluctant about the idea of playing a Bond girl.

For years, de Armas said that Bond girls had been portrayed as adhering to certain standards of perfection and beauty that she did not feel she met. The actress said that she was shocked to hear from director Cary Fukunaga that, although the character hadn't been written yet, they wanted her to play the part. She also said that Bond girls normally fall into one of three categories -- they're evil, they need to be rescued, or they die. She said that she wanted to be sure that wasn't the case for her character, which is why she asked to read the script.

"And it took a little, but they sent me the scenes," de Armas said. "It's important, because I want to bring something else to the story."