NBA Player Iman Shumpert And Model Wife Teyana Taylor Traded Lists Of Celebrities They Had Sex With

NBA player Iman Shumpert revealed in a recent interview that he and wife, Teyana Taylor, gave each other lists of all the celebrities they had sexual encounters with. The professional athlete explained why he gave her the list, and how his signature style caught her attention.

Shumpert is an NBA veteran who has become as well-known for his off-court style as his on-court play. The 29-year-old married the singer in 2016. The two have shared a public relationship, starring in a reality show together titled Teyana & Iman.

During an interview with VladTV, the former New York Knicks player was asked about his signature high-top fade hairstyle. The NBA guard said he was inspired to grow his hair out by old-school hip-hop. Then the interviewer asked if this unique hairstyle caught the eye of the "Gonna Love Me" singer.

The current Brooklyn Nets player admitted that his wife had been drawn to his style when they first met, but at the time he was not ready to settle down. At this point, the interviewer asked about the alleged lists of sexual partners the two had exchanged. Shumpert confirmed that they traded lists of celebrities they had been with on an intimate level.

He wanted to share his list with Taylor in the hopes that it might be less awkward when she met these celebrities through work functions.

"She works in a field of... She's gonna have to run into these people," Shumpert explained.

The Oak Park, Illinois, native said the list of names was not exhaustive, and did not offer every detail.

"It wasn't like, I gave a list of a girl in 3B type of thing. It wasn't like that," the NBA guard said. "It was just like, we going to this place and she may have to mingle with X, Y, and Z."

Shumpert's main concern was that his model wife would encounter a past partner who may give her attitude.

"I don't want no girl looking at you like she [had me first]," Shumpert said. "I want her aware of what's going on so if a girl give her something too smart or slick, she know where it's coming from and she don't have to react."

The former Knick verified that Taylor had given him her own list, but he would not elaborate on whose list was longer.

Last year, as reported by The Inquisitr, the NBA player was romantically linked to adult film star and Instagram model Alby Rydes. Shumpert and Taylor enjoy an "open marriage," and the child Rydes gave birth to was rumored to be his.