Hungarian Fitness Coach Anita Herbert Shows Off Muscular Legs In Underwear And Hoodie

Anita Herbert snaps a mirror selfie at the gym in shorts and sports bra.
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Anita Herbert took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, March 24, to post a new update that showed off her muscular body in underwear as she addressed an important question she often gets from clients.

The photo showed Herbert in an apartment as she stood next to an open window. Herbert was seen from the knees up in a pose that showed her front and the right side body toward the camera. She had her legs shoulder-width apart, highlighting the muscles of her quads and booty.

Herbert sported a neon green hooded crop top that added a pop of color to the shot. The fitness model and trainer had her hands on the hood as if ready to pull it over her head. Her stomach was fully exposed in this shot, putting her six-pack front and center.

Herbert teamed her hoodie with a pair of underwear bottoms in light gray and yellow accents that matched the top. The panties had a thin elastic that sat high on the model’s sides, leaving her strong hips and toned glutes on display. Her underwear was by Body Engineers, as she revealed in the comments section in response to a user.

In her caption, Herbert noted that not being able to go to the gym doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose muscle mass. She said that once you build muscle, it doesn’t just disappear. It actually takes time for your body to reverse the work. She went on to give tips on how to maintain the body at home.

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????⁉️Will you LOSE all your MUSCLES without the gym⁉️???? @fitqueen_army . this has been BY FAR the most requested topic, so let’s dive in???????? . Increasing your muscle mass is freakin’ HARD! . The body’s default is generally not to have lots of muscle mass . It takes a very specific environment for this to occur (DIET ???? + TRAINING ????????‍♂️+ SLEEP????) . However, once you have built this muscle; It doesn’t just DISAPPEAR! ???? . In-fact once you have achieved a certain body-composition, It takes quite some ⏰ time to undo this new YOU! . Simply put : NO ❌ you won’t just magically shrivel away with the gym closed for a while . and YES ✅, you CAN still build /maintain your muscle mass from home! ???? . Resistance IS resistance, the body does not know the difference between a barbell and a bag of books! . Yes, it may be an inconvenience! But having the opportunity to still exercise during a pandemic is a blessing???? . How to maximize muscle retention:???????? . ????Eat adequate nutrition, especially protein (protein bars, shakes, canned tuna, jerky, etc whatever you have access to atm) ????Sleep 8-9 hours a day ☀️Consider taking a Vitamin D supplement, if you aren't getting adequate sunlight ????Workout at home, with the equipment you have on hand ????????Do YOUR best . Stay Positive???? Follow your local regulations✔️ Be Kind & Stay Connected To Others????????‍♀️ . WE WILL GET TROUGH THIS! ????????‍♀️ . Follow ???????? #Fitqueenchallenge for a daily dose of motivation and creative workouts! . Let me know what topic you want me to cover next? ????????

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Within the first hour of being posted, the photo has garnered more than 13,400 likes and over 215 comments, proving to be popular with her fans and followers.

“I have done the Quarantine fat burn & guuuurl i’m still sweating like a [pig emoji] [laughing-crying emoji]. Thank you, Queen for helping us through these difficult times. Greetings from Chile. Stay safe,” one user wrote.

“Hope you stay safe and well my dear [smiley] [praying hands emoji] Have an amazing new week,” replied another fan, including a couple of red hearts at the end of the comment.

“Very helpful, thank you Anita. Stay healthy beautiful lady,” a third fan chimed in, topping the message with a fire, a flexed bicep, praying hands and a red heart emoji.

The trainer has been using her social presence lately to share videos of exercises that can be done at home as a way to help people stay active during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently shared another set of videos in which she rocked black shorts and a pink mesh crop top over a strappy black sports bra.