Brooke Ence Powers Through Intense Core-Focused Workout In Black Sports Bra And Leggings

Patricia Grannum

CrossFit athlete Brooke Ence trained her core in her backyard in the most recent video on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a partially sheer crop top and matching leggings, the 30-year-old powerhouse started the workout with a set of "V" crunches. For this exercise, Brooke lay face-up on the ground with her legs extended in front of her. She then raised her torso and legs simultaneously while reaching for her toes with outstretched arms.

Next, she tackled a set of plank extension walks which, as the name of the exercise suggests, required her to inch her hands forward, alternating steps between the right and left side as she lowered herself closer to the ground.

Oblique crunches followed. In that move, Brooke had to lie on her back again with her knees lifted. With her hands behind her head, she raised her torso and angled her body toward her left leg first and then the right.

Throughout the circuit, Brooke's dog, Maggie, made sure that she was the center of attention. The pup sprinted across Brooke's backyard at the beginning of the clip and interrupted the oblique crunches armed with a ball and seemed to insist that it was time for her owner to play with her. Brooke eventually obliged and kicked the ball at the end of the clip, much to Maggie's delight.

Brooke playfully called her a troll in the caption of the post. But she also used the text under the video to thank her fans for motivating her to train so that she could, in turn, inspire them to continue to pursue their fitness aspirations.

"I played this video like 5 times just to laugh watching your dog going 103 mph," one person wrote before adding a crying laughing emoji to their comment.

"I'm dying at Maggie's first sprint across the screen," another commenter added

"The video bomb of your dog sprinting by is classic!" a third supporter remarked.

Others thanked her for uploading at-home workouts while they're self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Your strength and power is [fist emoji] loving the home workouts since we're all stuck there," they wrote in appreciation to the fitness star.