‘Sports Illustrated’s’ ‘Curviest Model’ Hunter McGrady Is Twinning With Sister Michaela

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Sports Illustrated’s “curviest model” Hunter McGrady is twinning with her sister Michaela on Instagram. The plus-sized superstar shared a post about missing her family and being hopeful for the future.

In the image, Hunter is standing cheek to cheek with her sister. The stunning models are breathtaking in the share. Michaela is also a fashion and beauty blogger.

The siblings share many of the same striking features, including their almond-shaped eyes, full lips and eyebrows, and nose shape.

In the photo, Hunter is wearing a dark T-shirt, using a black suit jacket as a cover-up. Her long, blond hair is casually styled in beachy waves, which start from the crown of her head and cascade down over her shoulders.

Hunter’s natural-looking makeup is highlighted by a filled-in and strong looking brow, which is darker than her blond hair and matches the roots seen in her hairline.

Black eyeliner and lots of mascara, a peachy-pink blush, light-colored foundation, and a pale pink lipstick finished off Hunter’s base makeup look.

Michaela leaned into her sister as they stood together in the pic. Her fiery red hair was straightened in the image. Its choppy layers fell over her shoulders. The ends of her tresses appeared to have more of a pink hue than the rest of her overall color, which ran from her roots to almost the ends of her hair.

Michaela looked more casual than her mega-model sister. She wore a Metallica concert T-shirt in dark gray, with a graphic on it that included a skull. This was topped by a jean jacket.

The beauty blogger also wore minimal makeup, enhancing her features by filling in her brows, using black eyeliner and mascara to make her light-colored eyes pop and pale lip gloss to show off her pout.

Hunter revealed in her caption that she was hopeful all her fans and followers would stay safe during this difficult time. She also revealed that because of her choice to self-isolate, she has become a better cook in the kitchen.

Fans shared their own sentiments regarding the stunning photo of the siblings in the comments section of the post.

“Sho-nuff two beautiful women. Damn!!” said one Instagram follower of the model, commenting on the good looks shared between Hunter and Michaela.

“Two gorgeous women in one, pic how great is that. Stay safe,” remarked a second fan.

Another follower of the Sports Illustrated stunner asked if she used lip fillers to achieve her stunning pout. Hunter replied she did not but did not advocate against getting them to her followers. She replied that she has friends that do and “theirs look so natural and beautiful!”