Bulgarian Fitness Model Yanita Yancheva Shows Off Amazing Physique In Glitter Underwear

Yanita Yancheva was in a "glitter mood" on Tuesday, March 10, as she showed her 1.6 million Instagram fans. The Bulgarian stunner took to the popular social media app to post two snapshots of herself in an underwear set edited to boast a sparkly surface.

The photos were the same, though Yancheva altered the first to look like she was wearing a gold lingerie set, and the second to look like her outfit was silver.

Yancheva was featured kneeling on a bed covered in white sheets as she held a white mug in her left hand. The blond bombshell sat over her ankles with her torso straight, in a way that showcased her chiseled stomach. Her knees were shoulder-width apart, creating tension that put her toned hips in full view. The fitness model placed her free hand in front of her body, hovering over the unmade duvet.

The European beauty rocked a two-piece set that featured thin straps that went over her shoulders. The sporty top also boasted a low-cut neckline that plunged into her chest, teasing quite a bit of her ample cleavage. The bra sat just on her sternum, leaving her upper body and small waist fully on display.

Yancheva had on a pair of matching bottoms with thick straps that sat higher on her sides while the front was low on her frame. This placement helped to showcase the contrast between her toned lower body and slender midsection by baring her strong hips.

Yancheva didn't include any tags with her post to indicate the brand of her lingerie or her location.

Yancheva wore her blond tresses parted on the right and swept over to the left. She allowed the front part of her hair to fall over her face, concealing her left eye. The model shot a killer gaze at the camera, her lips parted in a seductive smile.

The photo proved to be popular with her followers, garnering upwards of 30,000 likes and more than 135 comments within just a couple of hours of being up.

"Gold complements your hair and skin - Silver complements your eyes either way you shine, shine, shine bright!!" one user chimed in, topping the comment with a couple of sparkle emoji and a smiley blowing a heart kiss.

"Sometimes I think you're unreal [wide-eyed face] because so much perfection can't be possible," replied another one, including a string of different emoji at the end of the message.

"Gold," a third one shared.