‘One Piece’ Chapter 973 Reveals Why Denjiro, Ashura Doji, Nekomamushi & Inuarashi Didn’t Travel To The Future

tofoli.douglasFlickr/ Public Domain

The latest chapter of One Piece, which is titled “The Kozuki Clan,” made some interesting revelations, including why some members of the Nine Red Scabbards weren’t able to travel into the future with the help of Lady Kozuki Toki’s devil fruit ability.

When Lord Kozuki Oden was executed by Kaido, the Beast Pirates captain and Emperor, the Nine Red Scabbards — Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku, Kawamatsu, Denjiro, Ashura Doji, Nekomamushi, and Inuarashi — did everything they could to escape.

They immediately headed to Lord Oden’s castle in Kuri to protect Lady Hiyori, Kozuki Momonosuke, and Kozuki Hiyori from the enemies. Upon their arrival, Lady Hiyori had a serious conversation with their loyal servants and told them about Lord Oden’s plan to send them into the future and fulfill his dream to open the Land of Wano to the world.

Unfortunately, not all of the Nine Red Scabbards were able to travel through time, including Denjiro, Ashura Doji, Nekomamushi, and Inuarashi.

One Piece Chapter 973 gave more details on how the bad blood between Nekomamushi and Inuarashi started. On their way to Lord Oden’s castle, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi started arguing. Inuarashi blamed Nekomamushi for the death of Lord Oden, while Nekomamushi accused Inuarashi of being the “spy” Emperor Kaido was talking about. As everyone knows, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were both sent to Emperor Kaido’s prison. Though they managed to escape, their hatred toward each other continued when they returned and became the rulers of Zou.

Meanwhile, while the others were running away, Denjiro and Ashura Doji decided to serve as shields for their comrades. To make sure that some of them would be reaching Lord Oden’s castle, Denjiro and Ashura Doji faced and fought the enemies who were chasing them. After making sure that Kinemon and the others were no longer in sight of the enemies, Denjiro and Ashura Doji planned their own escape.

Unfortunately, like Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, Denjiro and Ashura Doji weren’t able to accompany Momonosuke and the other members of the Nine Red Scabbards into the future. Ashura Doji became the leader of the Atamayama Thief Brigade in the Land of Wano and became known as Shutenmaru.

One Piece Chapter 973 finally revealed that Denjiro is Kyoshiro. While waiting for the arrival of their comrades, Denjiro changed his face and identity, and became a subordinate of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. When she was separated from Kawamatsu, Denjiro was also the one who took care of Hiyori, whom he asked to disguise as a courtesan and changed her name to Komurasaki.