Pauline Tantot Wears Just A Thong In Sizzling New Pic On Instagram

Pauline Tantot has been on a roll on Instagram today, as she shared two sizzling updates, with the newest one being the most revealing. The French-Persian beauty posed wearing only a thong and gave a sultry look for the snap.

The model stood with her back angled toward the camera and placed her hand on her upper thigh as she propped out her right leg. She gave a full pout with her lips closed and glanced at the camera over her right shoulder. She left her curvy booty on display with a peek of her sideboob showing, and with the photo being cropped by her derrière, it made it especially hard to miss her curves. Her pose also left her right elbow tattoo visible with the one on her forearm also partially in view.

Pauline's black thong was a classic cut with thin straps that rested high on her hip, and she didn't appear to be wearing any accessories to distract from her incredible figure. Moreover, the sensation wore her hair in a high ponytail, and her locks fell down her upper back. Her light blond highlights contrasted against her darker roots. The bombshell's glam makeup application included mascara, pink lipstick, and blush.

Pauline appeared to be standing in a bathroom with gray tiled walls in an abstract, dual-colored pattern. There was also a white door with silver handles that was partially open on the right side of the frame. The room was well illuminated, as the inlaid LED light in the ceiling bathed the area in a bright glow.

The update has captured the attention of many of her fans, and has racked up over 227,000 likes, so far, with over 1,450 comments.

Many people gushed about the beauty's good looks.

"Your pics are the hottest I swear," gushed an admirer.

"Forever my background QUEEEEEN," raved a second supporter.

Others had different observations.

"Proud of you for your fitness program," wrote a third follower.

"What does the arabic mean," asked a curious social media user, taking note of her arm tattoo.

In addition, the hottie showed off her booty in another Instagram update that she shared on February 28. In the first image of that post, Pauline was lying on her stomach on her bed and snuggled with her brown dog. She extended her legs behind her and raised her right foot into the air. Her light thong popped against her tanned body. She wore her hair down in a middle part, but her face was completely obscured in the shot.