Hannah Palmer Sizzles In A Brown Ribbed Bikini During Trip To Her ‘New Favorite Place’

Hannah soaked up some sun in a two-piece with a thong back while protecting her face with a sunhat.

Hannah Palmer takes a selfie.
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah soaked up some sun in a two-piece with a thong back while protecting her face with a sunhat.

Globe-trotting bombshell Hannah Palmer found a new picturesque place to flaunt her phenomenal figure in a scanty bikini. On Saturday, the popular model took to Instagram to share two stunning photos of her tiny two-piece swimsuit with her 1.3 million followers. She revealed that the snapshots were taken during a trip to Cancun, Mexico, which she described as her “new favorite place.”

In her first picture, Hannah was shown from the waist up. This provided an excellent view of her Revolve bikini top’s details. It was light brown, and it featured triangle cups that put Hannah’s ample cleavage on full display. The garment was constructed out of ribbed fabric, and the top edges of its cups were accented with thick bands of the same textured material. In addition to adding a little visual interest, the bands made the top look sturdier.

Hannah’s bottoms were visible in her second photo. They were a classic string bikini thong with long ties on the sides. The strings arched up high on Hannah’s shapely hips, and their ends dangled down on the sides of her pert posterior. Hannah was photographed from the side in front of a wooden rail. She was arching her back and bending her right knee to further accentuate her curvy backside.

The model was also wearing a straw sunhat that offered her flawless face some protection from the sun’s scintillating rays. Her long, golden tresses gleamed in the bright natural light.

Hannah accessorized her swimsuit with a number of necklaces. One of them was a chunky Y-chain with three gold medallions of different sizes dangling from it. She was also sporting a colorful beaded choker.

The blond beauty’s makeup application included a bright pink lip, mascara, and eye shadow in a light earthy tone. In her first photo, Hannah was pictured flashing her dazzling smile at the camera as she used both hands to hold her straw hat on her head. In her second snap, she was looking upwards and back over her shoulder with a teasing smile on her full lips.

Hannah’s photos were taken in front of a serene backdrop of sparkling turquoise sea and an azure sky with fluffy white clouds.

As of this writing, Hannah’s striking snapshots have been liked over 35,000 times, and her fans have responded to her post with hundreds of comments.

“I can’t believe how beautiful you are it’s crazy,” gushed one of her admirers.

“You look so happy! I hope you’re enjoying Mexico,” another fan remarked.

“My new favorite Picture,” wrote a third commenter.

While Hannah might currently be in love with Cancun, she previously expressed an affinity for a different popular vacation destination. Last weekend, the California native shared a steamy swimsuit video that was filmed during her trip to Hawaii, and she revealed that she was missing the island state.