'Happy Days' Star Cathy Silvers Gets Support From Fans After Wild Mountain Rescue In California

Cathy Silvers, the actress who played boy-crazy teenager Jenny Piccolo on the classic TV sitcom Happy Days, was stranded on a mountain after a date gone awry earlier this week. The 58-year actress capped off a mountain biking date with her new boyfriend with a pair of broken bones and a helicopter rescue, TMZ reports.

Silvers told the celebrity gossip site that after mountain biking through the canyons in Santa Clarita with her new man, they decided to try rock climbing. During the rock climbing round, the daughter of comic legend Phil Silvers heard a loud crack as she descended, and she realized she could no longer walk. Silvers went into shock from the intense pain as her boyfriend carried her downhill for an hour until he was finally able to get a cellphone signal and call 911.

TMZ notes that it took a search and rescue team several hours to locate the couple. Once found, a helicopter transported the former child star to a hospital. Silvers revealed she broke two bones in her leg, and she shared photos that showed her wearing a purple cast following the ordeal.

The actress later posted to Facebook to tell followers her first date with her new man was on Valentine's Day and her second date was the mountain date. The actress teased a third date of "spring sailing" with her new guy, whom she described as her "hero."


In comments to the post, Silvers' fans and friends, including her former Happy Days co-star Linda Purl, posted wishes for her to have a speedy recovery. A few joked about her bad luck on her date.

"Hold off on Parasailing. At least for a little while," one commenter wrote.

"Date 4 - Great White Cage Diving, Date 5 - Volcano Spelunking, Date 6 - Base Jumping," another wrote. "You guys ever heard of dinner and a movie?"

"Just wrap yourself in bubble wrap and you'll be fine," a third added.

"I'm not sure who said it to you but they should have been clearer!" another commenter joked. "It's an expression! Just a legendary expression! It means good luck, it doesn't actually mean to break a leg!"

While Silvers seems to be knee-deep in the dating game, last fall she teased a Happy Days reboot that she is developing. Silvers said it's "time" for a comeback for the classic comedy, which aired on ABC from 1974 to 1984, and teased that she was working with writers on the potential series revival.