Gareth Pursehouse: Who Is Dr. Amie Harwick’s Ex-Boyfriend & Accused Killer

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The murder of Drew Carey’s former fiancee, Dr. Amie Harwick, has thrown the spotlight onto her former boyfriend and accused killer, Gareth Pursehouse. The 41-year-old California man is accused of forcing his way into Harwick’s Hollywood Hills home and attacking her in a struggle, as TMZ reported. She reportedly fell from a third-story balcony and later died at the hospital from her injuries.

Harwick was a Playboy model-turned-therapist who practiced psychotherapy and sex therapy, working with clients that experienced depression, anxiety, sexual exploitation, sexual identity issues, and domestic violence. It’s unclear how long her relationship with Pursehouse lasted, when they began dating, and when their relationship came to an end.

He Is Active On Social Media

Pursehouse is active on multiple social media platforms. His LinkedIn profile says that he worked as a photographer as well as a software engineer and developer. His most recent position was as a lead architect at Internet Brands — a Los Angeles-area company whose website claims to implement web solutions for “businesses with media websites for consumers in key vertical markets.”

Pursehouse also had an active Twitter account — handle @GarethFromAbove — that he posted to the same day he allegedly killed Harwick.

“You can’t get fit without that new gym clothing. But they won’t give you that gear until you’re fit. Soo … Tough t*tties bucko,” he tweeted after Harwick’s death and shortly before his arrest.

Days before Harwick’s death, Pursehouse tweeted about Donald Trump’s impeachment and wondered whether possible witnesses for the now-concluded trial could “go under oath at any random court” and stream footage of their testimony.

In another tweet, Pursehouse commented on gerrymandering, the process of manipulating district boundaries to gain an advantage for a political party, which he suggested should be a federal crime. He also touched on Attorney General Bill Barr’s recent interview, in which the 69-year-old lawyer took aim at Trump’s tweets about active Department of Justice (DOJ) cases.

Pursehouse also has a YouTube Channel that he created on October 5, 2006. The focus of his videos appears to be his personal interests, which include video games, traveling, and photography equipment. During one video, Pursehouse is on a flight back from Tokyo. He speaks to the camera while holding a toy bear that he claims to have built to pass the time on the trip home.

Although his videos have gained over 546,000 views, he has not updated his channel in four years. His last video was posted in October 2015 and showed him feeding deer a “bag of apples.”

Harwick Was Reportedly Concerned About Pursehouse Harming Her

According to investigators, Harwick was concerned about Pursehouse and “recently expressed fear” about her ex-boyfriend, FOX6Now reported. Harwick was so worried that she filed a restraining order against Pursehouse out of fear that he would harm her. The restraining order reportedly ended two weeks before Harwick’s death and Pursehouse’s subsequent arrest on Saturday afternoon, just hours after police arrived at Harwick’s home.

Harwick reportedly last saw Pursehouse approximately two weeks ago. According to TMZ, Harwick told people close to her that she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend. Just days before her death, she posted on Instagram and reflected on moving on from past relationships.

“With Valentine’s Day coming up, many people may be reflecting on past relationships,” she wrote. “More often than not, when a relationship ends one or both partners may feel that they have not had what they feel is closure. Moving on, moving forward, and taking care of yourself after the end of a relationship often means accepting that you may not have the ideal closure. Making peace with this takes time.”

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