Jessica Simpson Reveals Why The ‘Ovulation App’ Is Her Favorite

Brian AchGetty Images

Jessica Simpson is done having babies. The 39-year-old Open Book author, who gave birth to her third child last March, says she has a favorite app that helps ensure that she won’t have a surprise pregnancy.

In a “30 Questions in Three Minutes” segment with Buzzfeed, Jessica was asked what her favorite app is. The fashion designer didn’t miss a beat as she delivered her answer.

“My ovulation app,” she said. “So I never get pregnant again!”

Jessica did not plug a particular ovulation app, but some of the most popular trackers on the market include Kindara, OvaGraph, and Fertility Friend, according to Parents.

Speaking of pregnancy, in the same Q&A, Jessica revealed that the craziest rumor she ever heard about herself is that she was expecting sextuplets.

And even though he has no desire to get pregnant again, Jessica did dish that her favorite guilty pleasure could put her in that position, save for that ovulation app she loves so much.

“I mean I don’t really feel guilty about it but my best pleasure is making love to my husband, ” she said.

Jessica, who has been married to retired NFL star Eric Johnson since 2014, was previously rumored to be done with babymaking.

Last year, just ahead of the birth of her third baby, Birdie Mae, an insider told Hollywood Life the singer would be “done having kids after this pregnancy.” The source revealed that Jessica was “highly considering getting her tubes tied” to make sure that she will not get pregnant again. She also reportedly considered asking her husband to get a vasectomy because “she wants the shop to be closed,” the source added.

Jessica’s last pregnancy was indeed difficult for her, so it’s not surprising that she wants to keep her kid count at three.

However, she has said things like this before. In 2017 – well before she got pregnant with Birdie — she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in a now-infamous interview that she had an IUD implanted and “nothing’s gonna get in that uterus.”

At the time, Jessica also mentioned that she already had two beautiful children and she’s “not having a third.”

But the following April, the star teased to Entertainment Tonight that she had changed her tune. Jessica noted that her kids — Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute — were growing up fast and that her then-6-year-old daughter already thought she was a teenager. She seemed to be missing the baby years.

Jessica joked that she and her husband were getting of baby-making “practice” in, then added, “But it would definitely have to be a miracle.”

Less than a year later, Birdie Mae was born.