Super Bowl Flasher: Woman Tries To Run Onto The Field, Raises Her Dress To Flash The Crowd

First there was the World Series flasher, and now there is reportedly a Super Bowl flasher as well.

As Super Bowl LIV was kicking off, a woman reportedly tried to run from the crowd onto the field but was restrained by security. As Newsday reporter Bob Glauber noted on Twitter, the woman was handcuffed and escorted off the field but managed to raise up her dress and flash the crowd on her way out.

There was not yet pictures or video of the Super Bowl flasher, but there was some immediate comparison to another revealing act during a major sporting event. During Game 5 of the World Series last year, two women who were sitting behind the home plate lifted up their shirts and exposed their breasts. Video of the flash drew viral interest, spreading quickly across social media.

The women were later identified as Julia Rose and Lauren Summer, models who were using the attention to promote their online project SHAGMAG.

There was some immediate speculation that the Super Bowl flasher could have been either Rose or Summer, and betting outlets had actually prepared for the potential that one of them would show up to expose themselves at the NFL's biggest game. Some sites listed prop best on whether they would manage to flash the camera. If it turns out that one of them was the Super Bowl flasher, betters can get make some big money if they wagered on it.

As Forbes noted, there were also betting odds on who would tackle a streaker, if one happened to make it to the field. The odds-on favorite was a member of security, followed by a player, other members of the sideline staff, then another fan.

The Super Bowl flasher will likely face some big consequences for the moment on the spotlight. The NFL cracks down hard on fans who run onto the field during games, even more so during the Super Bowl. As CBS Sports noted, a 25-year-old who ran onto the field during a New York Giants game was hit with a series of charges, and others have faced more painful consequences. Earlier this season, a man who ran onto Lambeau Field during a Green Bay Packers game took a hard hit from Chiefs safety Harold Jones-Quartey, who helped security take the man down.

It's not clear if Jones-Quartey got a chance to help take down the Super Bowl flasher.