February 1, 2020
Sara Underwood Poses In A Tub Of Water While Poking Fun At Her Nether Regions

Sara Underwood seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in her "hippie" tub, using the outdoor bathing area for a number of purposes. On Saturday, the 2007 Playboy Playmate Of The Year posted an Instagram update that served as an advertisement video while she played around in her not-so-private place.

Sara began the clip by spouting off about a "pop quiz," for which she asked if those watching "prefer their partners' grooming habits to look like this..." At that point, she momentarily paused and then stood up in the tub wearing a bunch of very long and obviously fake "pubic hair," which was packed into and poking out of the bottom part of her bathing suit.

After that, she popped up again in the video via a quick cut. At this point, she was able to show off her lack of hair in the nether regions. She asked her fans if they liked how she looked that way instead of her previous shot.

Then, the 35-year-old model scrunched down into the tub, facing front and showing her massive cleavage as she waved her index finger at the camera to make her point.

"If you said the first one, you're lying to yourself and you're lying to me," she said, with a silly smile plastered on her pretty face.

At that point, she began her advertising spiel, saying that those who want to look clean-shaven in their lower extremities should do themselves a favor and purchase the "new and improved Manscaped Lawnmower 3.0 trimmer" so they can trim their "bush."

She dropped the razor into her tub water and stated that the device is "waterproof, you hairy bi**hes."

For her Instagram video, Sara rocked a skimpy red bathing suit. The one-piece garment featured a large cutout in the middle, straps around the back, and tiny bottoms cut up high on the top of her thighs. She also wore a matching woolen cap. Her face was full of makeup, including darkened and groomed eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, contouring, and a bit of blush.

Sara's fans were immediately attracted to her social media update. Within only 15 minutes of the post going live, it received nearly 13,000 likes and more than 200 comments.

"You are the absolute cutest," stated one fan, adding a crying-laughing face and blue heart emoji.

"I'll trim that for you," boldly remarked a second follower.

"Lmao that's a Good one Sara," stated a third Instagram user, who included a string of red heart and lip print emoji.

"Hahaha, mountain mama!" exclaimed a fourth admirer, who added a nerd face emoji.