Curvy Babe Ciera Rogers Sizzles In A Revealing Bikini: ‘Once Upon A Time On Vacation’

Ciera Rogers takes a selfie
Ciera Rogers / Instagram

Brunette model Ciera Rogers is fond of flaunting her curvy figure to her 2.4 million followers. A quick scroll through her Instagram proves how much the stunner likes to display her voluptuous body in various states of undress. She also makes it a habit to model some of the clothes from her brand, Babes and Felines.

On Friday afternoon, Ciera shared a saucy new pic showing her wearing a tiny lilac bikini and an oversized floppy straw hat. The vixen’s strapless top did little to cover up her bountiful bust, and her string bikini bottoms were even smaller. Not only did the model show off her plunging cleavage and long midriff, but she also exposed her thick thighs and curvy hips. Several of her tattoos were also visible.

While fashionable, her large sunhat hid the beauty’s face from the camera. Her hair was visible beneath it, and she left it down in its natural, tightly curled state. It wasn’t apparent if she wore any makeup, but she did flaunt her manicured nails, painted bright pink.

Nowhere in her post did the bombshell indicate where the snap was taken, but it appeared to be somewhere warm, given that she stood outside on a plot of bright green grass while scantily clad. Several potted plants and palm trees were visible behind her, along with what appeared to be a sprawling apartment complex. Her caption indicated that she was on vacation.

In less than four hours, Ciera’s share has racked up almost 40,000 likes and close to 750 comments. The hottie’s many admirers took to her comments section to shower her in praise. Many users wanted to know what the back of her swimsuit looked like and also where she got it from. A few people questioned where she got her hat, too.

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Once upon a time on vacation

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“Love you. You are so perfect,” wrote a fan, adding a heart-eyes cat emoji to their message.

“Lawd you been killin me all week. Now that is an attractive woman…lawd haf murceeeee!” exclaimed another user, inserting a beaming-face-with-squinting-eyes emoji to their remark.

“Next time you’re wearing a big broad sun hat go to see your face OK,” added a third user, lamenting the fact that Ciera’s face was hidden from view.

“Break the internet, why don’t you,” a fourth person chimed in. They also added a hot face emoji to their comment.

Aside from her regular followers, fellow models Ayesha Perry-Iqbal and Raye B. also left her some praise.