Niece Waidhofer Nearly Falls Out Of Tiny Top While Pulling Down Her Jeans

Niece Waidhofer poses for a selfie.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

When it comes to flaunting her curves in scandalous outfits that are almost too risqué for Instagram, Niece Waidhofer is a pro. Her latest update showed off her fabulous figure as she wore a barely-there top while teasing her fans by pulling down her jeans.

Niece’s post showed her standing against a dark background, making the shot all about her and her incredible physique. Her top was gray and her low-rise jeans were black. She also wore a pair of black, thigh-high boots adorned with straps and buckles.

The stunner’s top looked to be a small section cut from a ribbed tank top. Several safety pins along the top edge gave the barely-there number an edgy vibe. The top exposed plenty of underboob. In fact, it looked like one wrong move and Niece would have fallen right out of it.

To make the shot even more sexy, Niece pulled down her jeans past her waist, showing off her curvy hips and flat abs. The beauty stood with one hip to the side, putting her hourglass figure on display. Small pistol tattoos on her lower abdomen peeked out from the top edge of her jeans.

Niece wore her hair parted on the side and styled in two braids that hung over her shoulders. Her makeup included sculpted brows, smoky eyeshadow, dark eyeliner and thick lashes. She also wore a black satin ribbon tied into a bow around her neck, and she gave the camera a sultry look.

In the caption, she joked about her drunk shopping escapades.

Her followers loved seeing her in the outfit.

“Excellent purchase. I’ve not seen you look bad in anything yet. Well played chica!” one fan wrote.

“I swear I fall in love over and over again every time I see you,” a second follower said.

Other admirers appreciated Niece’s sense of humor.

“you are looking good like always. thanks for being funny also,” a third fan commented.

One fan joked that she took his breath away.

“Damn Niece, had to remind myself to breath there for a minute,” they said.

It’s not unusual for Niece to leave her fans breathless. Her semi-nude pictures sometimes leave almost nothing to the imagination. While her Instagram page might not be for everyone, she knows what her fans like to see.

She recently heated up Instagram when she bared her bottom in a sexy bedroom snap, wearing nothing but a pair of panties along with a hat and scarf.