Sofia Bevarly Displays Massive Cleavage In A Button-Up Shirt: ‘Do These Glasses Make Me Look Smart?’

Sofia Bevarly of Southwest, Florida competes in the 20th annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Busty babe Sofia Bevarly shared two sexy snapshots with her 1.2 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, January 15. Within eight hours of going live, her photo garnered over 38,000 likes and had more than 500 of her fans talking about her in the comments section.

The pic showed Sofia’s tremendous chest nearly popping out of a black quarter-sleeved button-up shirt by Fashion Nova. Had she chosen not to leave a few buttons undone, the pictures would have been more modest, but the mischevious vixen decided to flaunt her massive cleavage instead. She paired the casual top with a pair of forest green dress pants.

Sofia was trying to channel her inner “naughty librarian” by adding a pair of square-shaped glasses to her ensemble. The stunner also left her long, gorgeous locks of hair down in loose waves, choosing as well not to wear any visible accessories.

For the photos, it appeared she wore a full face of makeup. The application included a light layer of medium-toned foundation, a hint of blush to make her cheeks look rosy, and mascara. She completed the look with a thick coat of glossy baby pink lipstick, brushed across her parted lips. She pursed her lips into a sex kitten pout in each photo.

Without a geotag or anything alluding to a location in her caption, it’s not apparent where the image was taken, although it does appear to be a residential home. Sofia modeled the clothes by standing in front of a door and placing her hands on her hips.

In the second pic, Sofia arched her back a little and leaned forward, allowing her to show even deeper cleavage. She added a warm photo filter over each still.

There was a lot of sexiness contained in those two images, and it’s no wonder the bombshell’s fans went crazy over her latest share. They filled her comments section with praise, compliments, and various emoji.

“They make you look genius. I mean it,” a fan commented on her pictures, responding to the question posed by her caption.

“Make ya look beautiful, and they make ya look studious,” wrote another admirer.

“Not only smart but perfect as perfect can be,” read a third Instagram user’s complement, which also included a row of pink heart emoji.

A few months ago, The Inquisitr shared that Sofia had flaunted her hourglass figure and full curves in a video as she wore a tiny bikini for a Bang Energy shoot. The video racked up over 266,000 views.