Pauline Tantot Shows Off Round Booty In Neon Green Thong On Instagram

Pauline Tantot snaps a mirror selfie/
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

Famous Instagram model Pauline Tantot showed off her body in a sultry new post Monday afternoon. The babe took to her feed to share a few photos of herself rocking an ultra-tiny thong that left little to the imagination before she headed off for her morning workout.

Pauline’s post included three photos that showed her standing in front of a wooden-framed, full-length mirror. In the background, there was the corner of a white bed, as well as a few clothing items thrown around the room.

Pauline looked casual, comfy, and sexy in an oversized, white T-shirt, which she pulled up to show off her figure. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so a hint of underboob was visible. She managed to keep the image Instagram-friendly by putting one arm over her chest.

Nonetheless, Pauline’s abs were on full display between the tee and a bright green thong. The front of the thong was low on the model’s waist, while the sides came up high on her hips, hugging her curves closely. The look fully exposed her shapely thighs and long, lean legs.

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morning shape. on my way to the gymm

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Pauline went makeup-free for her just-out-of-bed look, but she hardly needed any with her natural beauty. Her long, blond hair fell down her shoulders in messy waves.

In the first photo, Pauline held her phone in front of her face and lifted her shirt up high to give a frontal view of her body. She tilted her head and cocked one hip out slightly in an attitude pose.

The second photo showed Pauline from the side. She again popped a hip to further accentuate the size of her derriere. At the same time, she bent her other leg and pointed her toes, which showed off the length of her pins. Pauline seductively held a finger to her pursed lips.

In the third photo, Pauline zoomed in and turned her body to further show off her backside.

The post garnered 167,000 likes and just over 700 comments in two hours, proving to be a hit with her fans. Many of Pauline’s followers left praise for her flawless physique in the comments section.

“Best shape, all the time,” one fan said in reference to Pauline’s caption.

“You look INCREDIBLE,” another user added with red hearts.

“And I’m now headed to the gym too, perfect workout motivation babe thank you!!” said a third fan.

Pauline is known for showing off the body she’s worked so hard for on her Instagram page. Earlier this week, the stunner rocked skintight pants that hugged her curves beautifully.