Lele Pons Stuffs Her Bra In Hilarious Video About Having A Sibling Who 'Doesn't Have Any Hot Friends'

Lele Pons teamed up with a few other famous internet personalities to create a short Instagram video that ended with the YouTube star regretting getting all dressed up and stuffing her bra.

On Monday, Lele uploaded the video in question to her Instagram page. It was a cautionary tale about what can go wrong when a girl tries to impress her older brother's friends. In the video, Youtube comedian Anwar Jibawi plays Lele's older brother. He's shown walking into Lele's room and informing her that his friends are about to come over.

"Like, your hot friends?" Lele asks.

When Anwar answers in the affirmative and exits the room, Lele leaps into action. She's dressed casually in a Peanuts T-shirt and sweatpants, but she goes full-on Instagram model glam by quickly doing her makeup, stuffing her bra with toilet paper, and painting her toenails. When this preparation montage is over and she's shown bursting into her brother's room, she's rocking a skintight leopard print mini dress with matching gloves.

Lele responds to what she sees in the room with a look of horror. Her brother's friends are there, but they aren't the "hot" guys she was hoping to see. The Star Wars theme song plays as the group of guys pretend to fight on the bed. They're wearing bits and pieces of superhero and astronaut costumes, including a cape, helmet, and spacesuit. They're also playing with various toys, including plastic swords, a Ken doll, a Rubik's cube, and a foam dart gun.

Lele tries to exit the room before the guys notice her presence, but the door won't open.

"Is that your sister?" asks one of her brother's friends (YouTube star Nick Antonyan).

Unfortunately for a miserable-looking Lele, she ends up trapped on the bed and surrounded by the guys as they resume their play-fighting.

Lele's comedic short film received rave reviews from many of her 38.4 million followers, who have rewarded it with over 997,000 likes so far. They've also responded to her video with thousands of comments.

"Lmaooooo I can so relate," read one response to her video.

"I loved this video," wrote another commenter.

"This is hilarious!!" a third admirer remarked.

"Honestly, you looked good in the beginning. You didn't need to change anything," a fourth fan gushed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lele recently posted another video that had her fans in hysterics. In that short clip, the social media sensation was shown trying to ski while dressed up as Princess Elsa from the animated Disney movie Frozen. Unfortunately, she ended up taking a spill and flashing her underwear as she slid down a snowy slope on her backside.