Florida Hottie Alexa Collins Gets ‘Sandy’ In Snake Print Bikini At The Beach

Alexa Collins poses for an Instagram selfie.
Alexa Collins / Instagram

Alexa Collins‘ latest Instagram post has followers drooling over her hotness. The sizzling bikini model recently hit the beach for a new steamy photo shoot, and reminded fans that this Floridian boasts a phenomenal figure and is not afraid to flaunt it.

Snapped somewhere near Fort Lauderdale, the blond bombshell went for a roll in the sand in a tiny snake print bikini and left little to the imagination in her skimpy beach attire. Alexa squeezed her perky chest into a chic balconette bikini top — a plunging, underwire bra that perfectly showcased her ample assets. The item featured an extremely low-cut scoop neckline that exposed her deep cleavage, offering a tantalizing view of her sculpted bust. Thick straps framed her generous decolletage area, further luring the gaze to her shapely bosom.

Alexa paired the top with matching bikini bottoms, and totally slayed the beach-babe look in the animal-print ensemble. The bottoms were a high-cut design that accentuated her curvy hips and boasted a low, scooped waistline perfect for flaunting her trim tummy.

The gorgeous blonde topped off her look with elegant large hoop earrings, which added a touch of sophistication to the revealing two-piece. Alexa went for a classy glam look, highlighting her beautiful features with a shimmering light-toned eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, and a bit of mascara. She wore a pearly pink lipstick that called attention to her voluptuous mouth, making her pillowy lips appear even fuller.

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Sandy ???? @jpaullphoto

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Alexa showed off the sexy-chic outfit in a triple Instagram update shared with fans on Sunday morning. The 24-year posed seductively for the camera and had no qualms about getting down on the sand to try and capture that perfect sultry snap.

In the first photo of the bunch, the stunner laid on her side, hoisting up her torso as she leaned on her elbow. Her other arm was raised in the air, the palm of her hand resting on her head. The provocative posture emphasized Alexa’s insanely toned midriff and taut waistline, while also showcasing her round hips. Closely cropped to her torso, the snap only teased Alexa’s firm thighs, showing a glimpse of her incredible thigh gap. The scorching blonde looked directly into the camera with a longing gaze and slightly parted her lips in an enticing way. Her hair was swept to the side and grazed her shoulder.

A swipe to the next slide showed her sprawled on the beach in a different pose. This time around, she was lying on her belly, resting on both elbows for support as she looked into the distance with an absorbed gaze. Her stomach and one of her thighs were resting on the soft sand, while her other leg was slightly raised to emphasize her curvy backside. Her golden mane was windswept and fell over her shoulder.

The third and final photo captured Alexa roughly in the same pose as the first snap, with the difference that her abdomen and thighs were now covered in sand after she had switched positions. In the caption, the model tagged photographer Joshua Paull and added an emoji evocative of rainy weather.

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The perfect coverup from @hotmiamistyles ????

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As expected, many of the model’s over 675,000 followers showed their love for the sultry post, clicking the like button over 6,520 times and leaving 130 comments within the first two hours after the photos were uploaded to the platform.

“Sublime,” wrote one person, adding four heart-eyes emoji.

“Dang you a sandy babe,” penned another, followed by four fire emoji.

“Sexy goddess,” read a third message, trailed by a string of heart emoji.

“Happy Sunday Funday [sun emoji and two-heart emoji] Keep chasing summer,” commented another one of her devotees, ending with a beach-umbrella emoji.