Sophie Monk Rocks A Pink Bikini And Fishes For Lobster In Video That Receives Mixed Reactions From Fans

Some of Sophie's fans weren't happy about her lobster fishing expedition.

Sophie Monk arrives at the 59th Annual Logie Awards at Crown Palladium
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Some of Sophie's fans weren't happy about her lobster fishing expedition.

Sophie Monk keeps creating bikini videos that leave her Instagram followers in stitches. However, a few fans weren’t laughing at the antics in her latest upload.

On Monday, Sophie took to Instagram to share a video that was filmed during a cruise. However, she wasn’t enjoying a relaxing trip on a massive boat where she could catch a live musical show or enjoy a seven-course meal. Instead, she was put to work by a fisherman who tasked her with trying to catch her dinner.

In Sophie’s video, she was shown fishing for lobster on a small boat. The 40-year-old Love Island: Australia host sported a neon pink string bikini for her sea voyage. Over the tiny two-piece, she wore a light pink patterned sarong.

Sophie was shown throwing the boat’s grapnel anchor into the sea as a professional fisherman supervised her. The blond beauty also helped the fisherman haul in a large lobster trap, which resulted in her being yanked around a bit. Sophie then had to remove the lone lobster that they discovered inside the trap. She was wearing a pair of blue rubber gloves to protect her hands, but she was still wary of grabbing the large crustacean.

“I don’t want to rip his arms,” Sophie said. “Oh! He doesn’t like me.”

Sophie eventually managed to get the lobster out, but the creature kept flipping its tail, making it difficult for her to hold onto it. Sophie’s fisherman instructor gave her a quick lesson in lobster anatomy as she attempted to hold it still, informing her that it was a female that hadn’t laid any eggs yet. Because of this, the lucky lobster was saved from becoming dinner. Sophie was allowed to toss the lobster back in the sea.

“There you go, little girl,” she said as she threw it overboard. “Go with your friends. Be free!”

Sophie’s video received mixed reviews from her 567,000 Instagram followers. Some of her fans found it funny and entertaining.

“Hahaha one of the most genuine down to earth celebs i have seen,” read one response to her video. “Please always stay the gorgeous funny person you are.”

“You are the best! Good on you having a crack! You so got to have one on bbq with garlic butter sauce!” remarked another fan.

However, a few of Sophie’s followers accused her of being cruel to the crustacean star of her video.

“So cruel. They feel fear and pain like us. You rip him out of the water away from his environment and then grab at him so he is scared and trying to protect himself,” wrote one critic. “Sick of typical ppl that just laugh at these videos. I thought you cared about all animals @sophiemonk unfollowing now.”

“@sophiemonk You advertise a ‘cruelty free’ make-up brand yet you fish? Yuck,” read another critical remark.

Sophie clapped back at this follower.

“Does seafood not come from the sea? I’ve always eaten it. Btw I also threw it back,” Sophie wrote.

However, not all the lobsters that are caught during the particular cruise she was on have such happy endings. Sophie and her boyfriend, Joshua Gross, were aboard a Rottnest Cruises fishing boat. According to the Australian company’s website, it offers seafood lovers the opportunity to catch their own Western Rock Lobster and have it “lovingly cooked for you by a chef on board.”

Most of Sophie’s previous bikini videos have been less controversial. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her Instagram followers loved the holiday-themed video she shot during her vacation in Mauritius. For that upload, she rocked a red bikini and performed the “Jingle Bell Rock” dance routine from the movie Mean Girls.