WWE Rumors: ‘SmackDown’ Star’s Alleged Past As Adult Film Actor Draws Attention Of Online Fans

A photo of the official WWE logo.

WWE superstar Lars Sullivan, who has been out of action for the past several months due to a knee injury, was making new headlines on Saturday. Several fans took to social media — or sent tips to wrestling sites — to reveal the grappler’s alleged background as an adult film star.

According to a report from Ringside News, one fan sent the publication a tip claiming that Sullivan had once starred in adult films under the stage name Mitch Bennett. The site went on to explain that the only movies it could find that supposedly featured the SmackDown superstar were “of the homosexual variety.” A number of screenshots from these films were shared on the report, each of them showing a man who “certainly appears” to be Sullivan.

As explained separately by WrestlingNews.co, several fans observed that the man in question had a tattoo on his shoulder with the letters D and M, which could stand for Sullivan’s real name, Dylan Miley. The publication pointed out that Sullivan has since gotten that tattoo covered up, with Ringside News also noting in its report that the general shape of the body art remains quite similar despite the changes.

Given that Sullivan was accused several times in the past — including earlier this year — of making racist and homophobic comments on a bodybuilding message board, WrestlingNews.co reported that many fans saw the 31-year-old wrestler as a hypocrite for allegedly starring in gay pornography. Furthermore, the outlet noted that it’s also unclear how WWE may respond to the latest allegations, as it would likely depend on whether Sullivan had informed the company about such matters or not.

“If they knew about this then [WWE] will likely ignore everything and move on with business as usual. If they did not then there’s a good chance that they may decide to let him go.”

Lars Sullivan growls at the audience during an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

While there have been several WWE superstars whose private photos and videos were hacked and leaked on the internet, WrestlingNews.co stressed that Sullivan’s purported participation in adult films appears to have been done for a company, thus making his case different from those of the aforementioned wrestlers. However, the site added that the 330-pounder was being positioned as a top heel on the SmackDown brand prior to his knee injury, which may or may not be a mitigating factor if WWE decides to take action against him.

As of this writing, Sullivan has yet to issue any comment on the new allegations.