Cosplay Model Liz Katz Celebrates Festivus With Pole Dancing Clip On Instagram

Cosplay model Liz Katz poses for a selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Professional cosplay model Liz Katz had another treat for her pop culture-savvy fans to start out the week, uploading a new video that allowed her to honor the secular holiday of Festivus in her own off-beat, yet sexy way.

The new video, which was posted on Instagram on Monday night, features Liz and two other women in what appears to be a gym, doing splits in the middle of a pole dancing session. As she specified in the caption of the one-second clip, Liz was getting the pole ready for one of the trademark features of Festivus celebrations — the airing of grievances.

Quite notably, the cosplay model had her back turned to the camera as she rocked a sexy all-black outfit. This included a slightly skimpy halter top that allowed her to show off a fair amount of skin. She was also wearing a pair of booty shorts, which she paired with socks that reached up to her thighs, obscuring her instantly recognizable “Press Start” tattoos.

In the hour or so since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than 33,000 times and has also received over 7,000 likes from Liz’s ardent followers. Close to 70 fans headed to the comments section to shower the cosplayer with compliments, many of which included references to the iconic sitcom Seinfeld — the very same show that made Festivus a thing more than 20 years ago. Others, however, focused on the splits being performed on the clip — or took the general route by praising the 31-year-old model for her beauty.

“Festivus isn’t over until you’ve completed the Feats of Strength,” said one Instagram user, mentioning another hallmark of the made-up holiday.

“You have to pin me in a wrestling match. Look I didn’t make the rules, Frank Constanza [sic] did.”

“But can your gamer girl do thiiiiis,” gushed a second admirer.

“Awesome and beautiful,” a third follower remarked, adding a heart-eyes emoji and three fire emoji to their comment.

“Ok…the chick in the green’s leg shouldn’t go that way,” a fourth fan commented, in reference to how the left leg of the woman on the right seemed to bend awkwardly while she was doing her split.

In addition to the newly-uploaded clip, Liz shared another video to her followers late last week — a much longer one where she spent slightly more than a minute wiggling her derriere and maintaining a poker face while at it. That upload has since been viewed more than 328,000 times and 78,000 likes in the two days since it was posted.