Dolly Castro Gets Flirty In Booty Shorts On Instagram

Dolly Castro got flirty in a new Instagram update that she shared with her followers today. She was seen rocking workout gear, which included a pair of booty shorts.

The shorts were light pink and fit her tightly. It had a high waistline, but also left the bottom part of her derriere bare. On the other hand, her sports bra had a low neckline. It was embellished with three, black horizontal stripes. Dolly looked over her right shoulder at the camera and parted her lips in a soft smile.

The model's makeup seemed to match her outfit perfectly. Her eyes were emphasized with black liner on her lower lids. Plus, she wore dark purple and silver eyeshadow. That's not to mention her dark lip liner, which made her mouth pop in the shot.

Dolly wore her hair down with a middle part. This revealed the difference in color between her roots and her highlights. Her locks had soft waves throughout and fell down her back and in front of her left shoulder.

The stunner posed in a kitchen with white cabinets. She leaned onto the counter in front of her while arching her back to accentuate her booty. Dolly popped her left knee and held herself up with her hands.

Fans took to the comments section to describe how they felt about her newest picture.

"A very, Beautiful and Peaceful Christmas to you and your gorgeous family. Thank you always for your enlightment and positive vibes. Merry Christmas," wished an admirer.

"I think she is perfect in a micro way," wrote a fan, referring to the caption.

"Sculpted to absolute perfection," declared a fan.

"Stunning so beautiful, God bless you," said a fourth Instagram user.

The update was a promotional post for 1st Phorm, which is a supplements company. In fact, in the photo, Dolly held a packet of supplement pills in her hands. The one bag she held contained at least seven items, ranging in color between tan and one in dark green.

In addition, the bombshell shared another social media update a week ago where she rocked workout gear. She was spotted posing in the same kitchen and sat on the edge of her island. Her outfit consisted of a white sports bra and high-waisted snakeskin-print leggings. She sat with her feet dangling while wearing no socks. Dolly smiled and held a drink in her right hand, as she once again promoted 1st Phorm.