Rapper DaBaby Reportedly Hit With Nude Video Leak, Twitter Reacts To Explicit Clip

Rapper DaBaby was allegedly the victim of a nude video leak, with a short clip surfacing on social media that claimed to show the North Carolina rapper fully exposed.

The video began making the rounds on Twitter late on Saturday and grew viral attention by the early morning hours on Sunday, with the short clip drawing a huge reaction. While there is no confirmation that the video actually showed the rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, many fans were still taking to Twitter to offer their reactions and shock at seeing the video.

Even without proof that the video actually showed DaBaby in the nude, the hip hop news site Urban Islandz believes that he could actually use the leak to help boost his own image.

"DaBaby has had an impressive year in hip hop, and he might've just closed out the year with a bang. This will serve as excellent marketing for his music," the report speculated.

"He is already a hip hop heartthrob among the ladies, and this alleged leak just further solidifies it."
It was not clear who was behind the leak, but it comes during a week filled with other nude video and sex tape leaks aimed at male celebrities. Days before, a video claiming to show Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy having sex with a woman hit the internet, drawing somewhat of a bragging response from the sports figure.

Later in the week, another series of images claimed to show Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry in the nude, though those close to the former NBA MVP said the pictures definitely were not him. Rapper ASAP Rocky was also hit with was claimed to be a sex tape of him.

And at the same time, the alleged nude video of DaBaby hit the internet, another video claimed to show YouTube star Logan Paul in a sex act with another man.

It was not clear if there was a connection between all of the leaked videos -- and none of them had been confirmed as legitimate --- but the series of releases was reminiscent of other large-scale leaks of celebrity nude images. The most famous of these came in 2014 when dozens of celebrities were targeted through a series of massive releases that targeted mostly female celebrities. Those cases spawned federal investigations and eventually prison time for the man responsible for part of it.

DaBaby had not offered any statement about the alleged nude video.