Sexy Brazilian Babe Bruna Luccas Wears A Snug White Bikini, Vapes On The Beach

Bruna Luccas poses for a selfie
Bruna Luccas / Instagram

Sexy Brazilian model Bruna Luccas gave her fans a rush of warmth during the holiday season by posting a photo of herself wearing a snug-fitting white bikini and walking on the sandy shore of a beach while vaping.

Based on the caption of her image, it’s possible that the model is smoking CBD oil from her vape pen. Bru also shared a promotional code to her 2.4 million followers that would give them a discount on their orders from the company Just CBD.

Even though the point of Bru’s photo may have been to advertise a company’s products, her vape pen is hardly the main attraction. It’s no surprise that the Brazilian stunner’s photograph already has more than 61,000 likes and 343 comments mostly praising her bodacious body. The model is flaunting all of her best physical assets and then some in this jaw-dropping snapshot.

In the photo, Bru is wearing a simple white bikini with her hair straightened and left down. Her breasts are prominently front and center, thanks to the lack of fabric on her top. Her buxom chest looks perfect and extra-curvaceous, thanks to the support from her halter top.

Many fans likely let their eyes traverse the full length of Bru’s exceptional body, especially as she’s baring so much skin in her new update. From her chest to her bottoms, Bru’s slender, tanned torso looks too flawless to be real. From there, her bottoms are just modest enough to keep her most private parts hidden — but not to the point that her many admirers can’t get a sneak peek at her supple thighs and hips.

Most of Bru’s fans were rendered speechless by her beauty and couldn’t think of much to say in her comments section. Instead, they filled it to the brim with emoji, including hearts, drooling faces, heart-eyes, and roses.

“Omfg!!! Stunning and perfect!!!!” commented one excited follower.

“We need a Bru calendar,” suggested another admirer.

“The Best of the Best,” said a third person.

The Inquisitr previously posted that Bru shared a photo of herself getting into the holiday spirit. She shared a picture a few days ago of herself wearing some sexy red lingerie and “Santa Baby” panties while standing outdoors in the snow. In that snap, the model was sporting a jacket and a Santa Claus hat to keep herself protected from the cold weather — a contrast to the conditions in Tuesday afternoon’s update.