December 15, 2019
Blond Bombshell Gabby Epstein Sizzles In Leopard-Print Bikini In Bathroom Snapshots

Gabby Epstein sported a wild animal print bikini for her latest stunning social media snapshots.

On Sunday, Gabby used her fit physique to model a two-piece swimsuit for Fashion Nova. The Australian beauty likely gave her followers who are experiencing wintry weather right now a serious case of envy when she uploaded her set of sizzling snapshots to Instagram. In both photos, Gabby was pictured rocking a leopard-print bikini that featured a snug-fitting, off-the-shoulder top. It was gathered in the center of the bust and secured with a knot detail. The garment was slightly riding up to expose a hint of underboob.

The blond bombshell's tiny stretch bottoms featured a high waist that highlighted her slender hips and thighs. Gabby's eye-catching bathing suit also did an excellent job showcasing her sculpted stomach and slim hourglass shape.

The natural tones of the bikini's animal print complemented Gabby's deep tan. She had her beachy blond tresses pulled back away from her flawless face. For her beauty look, she painted her plump pout a deep wine color. She sported black eyeliner on her top lash line, and she contoured her face with a touch of coppery bronzer.

In her first photo, Gabby was posing with her shapely legs slightly spread apart. She was holding her phone up to snap her selfie, so her face was partially obscured. For her second snapshot, Gabby moved closer to the mirror. She bent her right knee and stuck it out to the side in a pose known as the "knee pop." According to The Daily Mail, this was "the most popular Instagram stance of 2019" among social media influencers like Gabby.

Gabby's photos were snapped inside a roomy, slightly dark bathroom with stone walls and a marble floor. The toilet was visible behind her.

Gabby's photos were rewarded with nearly 29,000 likes in the span of an hour. In the caption of her post, she asked her 2.3 million Instagram followers a question inspired by her bikini print: What animal would they like to be?

"Hopefully the leopard that made your bikini," read one response to her query.

"If I were an animal, I would be a dog and come right up to you and ask you to adopt me!" another admirer wrote.

Many of Gabby's followers ignored her question, but still responded to her post. One fan suggested that she was wearing the wrong size bikini, but didn't see this as a bad thing.

"I don't think that bikini fits you properly. Lmao. Looking amazing as usual!"
"Cutest girl in the galaxy," gushed another admirer.

Gabby asked a similar animal-related question in a previous Instagram post. It was also accompanied by a photo of the gorgeous model rocking a bikini, and she was joined by one of her favorite animals: a majestic horse.