Cosplay Model Liz Katz Wears Sexy Jason Voorhees Costume For Friday The 13th

Cosplay model Liz Katz sexed up a psychotic slasher film character for her latest Instagram update. On Friday the 13th, the buxom blond gamer shared a snapshot of her slashed-up costume inspired by horror movie villain Jason Voorhees.

In the photo, Liz was pictured wearing a light green camisole with thin spaghetti straps. The garment had been haphazardly cut in half, transforming it into a crop top with ragged, uneven edges. Liz didn't appear to be wearing a bra. Her tiny top featured a wide V-neck that exposed quite a bit of her voluptuous chest. She was also showing off her trim and toned tummy above of her low-rise jeans.

Liz's dark denim pants were extremely distressed, with two massive holes high up on the thighs. The uneven cutouts were so close to Liz's bikini area that the lining of one of her pants' pockets was hanging out from the top of the huge hole. The areas around the knees of the jeans were also in tatters.

The rest of Liz's ensemble included a baggy khaki-colored jacket, black combat boots, black gloves and a brown belt. To ensure that her followers had no doubts about who she was supposed to be, she accessorized her outfit with a plastic hockey goalie mask, which she wore cocked to the side on top off her head. This allowed the stunning model to show off her flawless face. Liz's beauty look included glistening pink gloss on her plump pout, glam eye makeup, and bonzer that contoured her full cheeks.

Liz wore her long, blond locks pulled up into her signature pigtails. She posed with an ax slung over one shoulder and a machete in her opposite hand. Her festive background included a decorated Christmas tree and a pile of presents in colorful holiday wrapping. The cheerful setting was in sharp contrast to the terrifying movie character she was portraying.

Liz's faithful followers found her Friday the 13th look more delightful than frightful. They rewarded her latest costume creation with more than 14,000 likes in the span of an hour, and they couldn't stop gushing about how talented and beautiful she is.

"Is there anything you do that's not absolutely amazing???" read one response to her photo.

"Ok, I wouldn't run if Jason looked like this, I'll probably...ok it's fine if you kill me," another fan wrote.

"Awesome...looks like a mix of Lara Croft Zombified and Jason...that's cool," a third admirer gushed.

"Where do i sign up to get stalked?" remarked a fourth fan.

This wasn't the first time Liz rocked a costume that paid homage to a popular movie and a specific day. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she celebrated Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th of November with a small nod to the famous Guy Fawkes mask from the movie V for Vendetta.