Harry Styles Performed A Concert On Beverly Boulevard With James Corden

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Harry Styles had an eventful time on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday, December 11. The 25-year-old British singer was coaxed by the show’s host, James Corden, to perform live on the streets of Los Angeles.

The singer usually performs in studios and arenas, but this time, he performed a concert in the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard. The event started off with James surprising Harry with an opportunity to put on a free outdoor concert.

“You’ll close this whole street down for me to perform a concert?” Harry asked with amazement. “That’s amazing.”

James then answered “not exactly.”

However, he mentioned that they will be closing the crosswalk when the street light turns red, allowing Harry to perform for 30 seconds at a time.

When the first red light occurred, the singer went into the middle of the pedestrian lane and started off the show with “Kiwi.” He was joined by a crew of dancers which were provided by James. Apparently, the singer never uses dancers and asked for his band to accompany him instead, as reported by Rolling Stone.

While Harry performed on the streets, James stayed on the sidelines and directed the production. The latter made sure the show looked presentable — with show lights and a big “Harry Styles” sign, despite the busy location.

When the traffic light turned green, Harry and the crew hurriedly ran back to the sidewalk, where the former One Direction member was greeted by an excited James.

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During the second red light, Harry sang “Lights Up.” This time, James joined in the fun — dressed in an all-yellow bodysuit and dancing while Harry sang. The set-up was also altered to a more mellow look that suited the song.

The next red light came and the singer performed “Watermelon Sugar,” where James dressed up in an all-green bodysuit and carried a giant watermelon sign.

“Sign of the Times” was the last song he performed. For his finale, Harry zip-lined onto the road while singing. Halfway into the song, the singer got “stuck” high up. James went in and grabbed his feet, dragging him back to the ground. Harry kept singing the entire time.

The video was uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday night and received a lot of feedback from admirers all over the world. It has so far received over 838,300 views and 3,880 comments.

Aside from the the concert, the singer also guest hosted the show, did a mini CarpoolKaraoke, and ate cod sperm to dodge a question about Kendall Jenner.