Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Underboob In Purple Bikini, Celebrates Instagram Milestone

Liz KatzInstagram

Cosplay model Liz Katz’s steadily increasing number of fans just helped her hit a big milestone on Instagram, and she celebrated by slipping on a bikini and delivering more of the content that has helped her earn their admiration.

On December 5, Liz took to Instagram to reveal that she had reached 1 million followers on the social media platform. To mark the occasion, she posed for a celebratory snapshot that had her Instagram followers cheering along with her.

The buxom blond was pictured rocking a pastel purple bikini constructed out of a fabric that had a slight sheen to it. The garment included an athletic-style top with a scoop neck that showed off quite a bit of cleavage, but even more of Liz’s sizable chest was spilling out of the bottom of her tiny bathing suit top. A few inches below her exposed underboob, a thick strap encircled her waist.

Liz’s bikini bottoms featured a high leg cut, and they dipped down low in a wide V shape. Her stylish two-piece showed off her sculpted, lean legs and her tight, toned torso.

Liz posed in her bedroom in front of her bed, which had an adorable stuffed black cat pillow sitting on it. In each hand, she held a rose gold Mylar balloon. One was shaped like a giant “1,” and the other was shaped like a massive “M.” A large bunch of teal latex balloons was also visible behind her.

In the caption of her post, Liz thanked her fans for following her on Instagram, and she let them know how much she appreciates their support. Her followers made sure to return the love with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Many of them suggested that Liz deserves to have far more than 1 million followers, and some of them revealed why they follow her on the social media platform.

“1 mill that’s it!? You should be at 40!!!” wrote one fan.

“I’m here because you’re so hot and sexxxy, but congrats,” another remarked.

“Congrats, Liz. You deserve it!” read a third response to Liz’s post.

“Honestly, I don’t remember how I got here, but I’m glad I did,” a fourth admirer remarked.

Liz responded to this comment with some of the humor that has helped her become so popular on Instagram.

“To be fair I don’t even remember how I got here either :P,” she wrote.

Liz Katz has grown her fanbase by using an irresistible blend of sex appeal, talent, humor, and well-crafted costumes based on beloved pop culture characters. When her followers check out the latest post on her Instagram feed, they might see her doing a sexy dance, or they might see her dressed up like Leeloo from The Fifth Element. The excitement of never knowing what to expect from the social media sensation helps keep her fans coming back for more.