Julia Rose Wears A Revealing Crop Top And Skimpy Underwear To Show Off Her Hot Body On Instagram

Julia Rose clicks a selfie
Julia Rose / Instagram

American model Julia Rose, who has carved out a name for herself on Instagram through her near-nude pictures, recently took to her page and wowed her fans with a sizzling hot snap, one in which she was featured rocking a revealing crop top and skimpy green panties.

The ribbed white crop top featured a low-neckline which allowed the hottie to show off a glimpse of her cleavage, a move that did her nothing but favors. Fans loved the sheer display of skin, and explicitly indicated that in the comments section.

Similarly, her skimpy green underwear, which featured a cut-out design on the sides, allowed the hottie to show off a glimpse of her lean legs as well as her small waist and taut stomach.

The stunner opted for minimal makeup, which included a mauve shade of lipstick, defined eyebrows, and lots of mascara.

The model wore her highlighted tresses down and allowed them to cascade over her shoulders. She also let a few strands of hair fall on her face.

To pose for the snap, Julia stood and gazed into the camera. She left her lips slightly parted to give off seductive vibes. The snap was captured while the model stood on a building’s rooftop and a bird’s-eye view of different buildings and structures could also be seen in the background. The geotag showed Los Angeles, California, as the location.

Within an hour of going live, the snap has racked up close to 200,000 likes and about 1,100 comments, which shows that the model is very popular on the photo-sharing website, and whenever she posts her sexy photographs, they have a high tendency of going viral.

Per usual, fans showered the model with numerous compliments. While some of her fans chose subtly flirtatious words to express their feelings, others poured their hearts out in an explicit manner.

“You have a bra on, surely that’s a rarer occurrence!” one observant fan wrote.

“I’m just glad you don’t have pants on,” another one commented.

“You are so beautiful! I’d like to get to know you, Julia,” a third admirer remarked.

Meanwhile, a fourth fan dedicated a song to the model.

“Damn baby, look at you!! You got me wanting to sing my ABCD song for you. I’ll give you an A because you’re awesome, I’ll give you a B because you’re beautiful, I’ll give you a C because you’re confident, and I’ll give you this D because you deserve it,” they wrote.

Apart from her fans, Mathilde Tantot, Hannah Palmer, Violet Summers, Chloe Othen, and Jaylene Cook also liked the snap.