Tracee Ellis Ross Rocks A Pink Bikini Top In A Pool For Her Latest Instagram Update

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross recently posted a video of herself enjoying her vacation on Instagram.

The actress recorded herself for her 7.2 million Instagram followers to see. In the video, Ross is seen hanging poolside as she enjoys a beautiful, sunny day. She is wearing a pink bikini top in the photo as she is moving around and talking at the camera.

At the beginning of the video, Ross’ hair is pulled into a bun and moved away from her face. As she’s speaking, though, she explains to her followers how she is anxious to take her “first dip” in the pool, which would make her hair wet. Once she takes down her hair, she explains that her hair is currently dirty from the buildup of products in it. She then says that she filled her hair with two products from her natural hair care line, Pattern Beauty.

In the next clip, Ross actually dips in the pool. She does a small dip at first, then moves into a second dip. Her hair is pushed out away from her face as she wipes the water out of her face. After the second dip, Ross looks to the camera, smiles and shares that she’s “officially on vacation.”

At the time of writing, the video of Ross received more than 400,000 views. The video also received more than 2,000 comments under Ross’ post.

“Enjoy beautiful person,” one fan said, followed by multiple heart emoji.

“You’re so beautiful! Enjoy your vacation!” another fan chimed in.

“The physical manifestation of beauty,” one fan wrote.

“THRIVING,” another fan wrote.

Ross’ steamy video is one of the ways she has been promoting Pattern Beauty to her massive audience. Since launching her hair care line, back in October, Ross has offered the products that work best with her hair type and how it can work and is structured for all curl patterns. Ross has said in the past that she had been working on the products since before Girlfriends, a series in which she starred as Joan Clayton, ended, which was back in 2008.

In addition to her haircare line, Ross’ vacation comes after she has had a busy time in her acting career. In addition to playing Rainbow Johnson on Black-ish, Ross also has a television show of her own. The actress executive produces Mixed-ish, which follows Rainbow as she navigated being a bi-racial child in the 1970s. Mixed-ish is Ross’ first time as an EP.