Tim Tebow Faces Heartbreaking Personal Loss As He Says A Final Farewell To His 'Son' Bronco

Former NFL player and current baseball player Tim Tebow is struggling with some intense heartbreak this week after having to say goodbye to his beloved dog. Tim took to his Instagram page on Wednesday evening to share details with his fans.

The Instagram post from Tim contained several videos and a handful of photos showing the former football player with his dog Bronco. The initial video shows Tim feeding Bronco a treat, and Tim is smiling initially. As the short clip continues, however, his face shifts into a grimace as he fights back tears. It would appear that this may have perhaps been a last treat for Bronco before the final farewell between the two.

There were several other photos and videos included in the upload that seem to come from the same final moments, perhaps at a veterinarian's office. Tim gets emotional and shares some final moments of love with Bronco, whom he referred to as his "son." Tim also included several other photos showing the pair during earlier, happier, and easier times.

In his caption, Tim explained that this was one of the toughest goodbyes he has had to endure. He thanked many people who had loved and helped care for Bronco over the years and he said that the dog has been one of the best dogs ever. Tim also invited Instagram followers who had met the dog to share their stories in the comments section.

This type of post is a tough one for fans to "like" in the traditional sense. However, many did so in a show of love and support for the former NFL star. Within about 15 hours, nearly 200,000 of Tim's 1.9 million Instagram followers had liked the post and more than 17,000 added comments.

"I wish I could take your heartache my love. My heart is broken too! Bronco was the sweetest son," wrote Tim's fiancée Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, a former Miss Universe and Miss South Africa.

"Praying for you Timmy... we'll always remember and cherish Bronco's visits to the TTF office. He always was such a joy and we loved having him roam our hallways and love on the team!" noted the Instagram page for the Tim Tebow Foundation.

"So sorry for your loss, Tim, it's never easy losing a furry family member. We're sending lots of love your way from the 'Cuse!" shared the account for the Syracuse Mets, the minor-league baseball team Tim has played with.

The thousands of comments were filled with love, support, and stories of followers' own experiences with this type of heartbreak. It is clear from the photos and videos Tim shared that this is a raw, difficult time for him and he should surely feel some level of comfort from the massive response his touching post has received.