Constance Nunes Strips Down To Birthday Suit, Reflects On ‘Difficult’ Year In Latest Instagram Post

Car Masters star Constance Nunes celebrated her November 17 birthday by going completely nude in her latest Instagram post. She exposed herself not only physically, but emotionally as well, as the sultry photo was accompanied by a deep and reflective caption about the “difficult” year the beauty has faced since her last birthday.

The photo on Constance’s Instagram feed showed the mechanic standing against a gray backdrop, wearing only a pair of silver strappy heels that snaked all the way up her ankles. She also sported a set of silver hoop earrings and a silver bangle. She strategically placed her left arm across her chest to keep the photo in line with the social media platform’s nudity standards, but a fair amount of Constance’s ample cleavage was on full display. Likewise, she covered her modesty with her right hand. Her lean legs and thighs looked as toned and as long as ever in the heels, and Constance’s super-toned abs were on show.

Constance rocked a neutral makeup look, including expertly contoured cheekbones, darkened and shaped eyebrows, and a smoky eye shadow. Her nude-colored lips were slightly parted as she gazed into the camera with her long, black hair flowing behind her.

In the caption, Constance wrote that she knew she should say something “inspiring” on her birthday, but all she could talk about was “the most difficult year of my life.”

“In the end, all you can do is keep trying your best, smile when you feel like crying, brush yourself off and just keep going,” the model wrote. “Surround yourself with positive people who love you unconditionally and keep a lot of love in your heart and soul cause that’s really all we got.”

She also revealed that the photographer behind the masterpiece was Shaun Vadella. Constance’s look was created by Daisy Curiel and Hilary Montez.

The post garnered over 55,000 likes in just under one day, as well as more than 2,000 comments. Many fans wished Constance a happy birthday, complimented her flawless physique, and reminded her to stay positive.

“We all love and admire you for what you do, but also know that we are here for you in return, if you ever need anything from us (your fans),” one user wrote.

“That’s you!!! Damn!! I’m so excited for what this year has in store for you???? you are so unique, special, smart and sooo damn sweet!” another fan added.

In addition to stripping down for the birthday post, Constance also spent part of her birthday week at the racetrack in a tight crop top and jeans, as The Inquisitr previously reported.