Olivia Culpo Flashes Cleavage In Black Bikini And Laments The Loss Of Her Longer Hair

Olivia Culpo shared a throwback photo on Instagram that had her followers gushing about how gorgeous she is in it. However, looking at the bikini picture made the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model feel less than thrilled with the way she currently looks. Specifically, it had her wishing that her hair looked like it did in the picture.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old former Miss Universe took to Instagram to share an old snapshot of herself rocking a black bikini. The top of the slightly shiny swimsuit has molded cups that give her cleavage a boost, but she's not flashing as much skin as she sometimes does. She's also sporting an open white shirt with a gray grid design over her two-piece.

The top of Olivia's bathing suit is the only half that is visible. However, according to the model, the point of her Instagram post was the way her hair looks in the snapshot, not what she's wearing. Her brunette tresses are styled into soft waves that fall a few inches below her shoulders. In her caption, she confessed that she was missing the hair length she had when the throwback photo was taken.

Olivia Culpo's Instagram page is evidence that she's constantly changing the length of her hair by cutting it or adding extensions. In one of her more recent photos, she's rocking a long ponytail, but she was pictured with a short bob earlier this month. In the caption of her throwback photo, she made sure to let celebrity hairstylist Priscilla Valles know that she was looking to change her look again.

Priscilla responded by informing her client that she was up for helping her recreate the throwback hairstyle, and Olivia soon shared an update on her Instagram stories. In a video filmed inside a salon, she revealed that she was "no longer bobbing" because Priscilla had "added some pieces" to her hair. However, she couldn't decide whether her new hairdo should be considered long hair or a lob.

While Olivia Culpo was fretting over her hair, her followers were focused on other aspects of the image.

"Those eyes are so intense," wrote one fan.

"Whoa. Hair what hair," a second remarked.

"No one looking at your hair," a third commented.

Olivia tagged makeup artist Liz Castellanos in her post, and Liz responded by revealing that she recognized the throwback photo.

"Oh this was when you got your supposed breast augmentation," she wrote, including three crying-laughing emoji with her comment.

Liz's remark was likely a reference to an old Radar Online story about the photo of Olivia Culpo rocking the bikini top. In 2017, the online publication had two plastic surgeons look at the swimsuit pic and a few other images of Olivia. They claimed that she appeared "to have undergone a breast augmentation" that increased her bra size by a cup or two.