October 25, 2019
Jennifer Aniston Calls Reese Witherspoon 'A Pain In The Ass Burst Of Sunshine'

Jennifer Aniston is getting the hang of social media. Her new account on Instagram, which she opened on October 15, now boasts five posts with her upload on October 24 of her paired with Reese Witherspoon.

The two actresses, who once acted on Friends together, have also been actual real-life friends for a long time. This kinship began in 1999 with Reese's guest spot on Season 6 of the sitcom. That is when she first played Jill Green, Jennifer's character's little sister, as The Inquisitr pointed out.

That particular episode from the popular NBC show was the one where Jill tried to seduce Rachel's boyfriend, Ross (David Schwimmer). Last week, as the source revealed, Reese posted a re-enactment of the two sisters' pivotal scene. Meanwhile, this week, Jennifer posted the original scene that she had extracted from the seminal episode.

Wanting to illustrate how nasty the fictional siblings had treated each other back during their Friends days, Jennifer used Thursday's Instagram caption to call Jill/Reese her "pain in the ass little burst of sunshine sister."

She then teased her fans and followers -- all 16.4 million of them -- that when she and Reese perform together on the upcoming The Morning Show, the two will "be kinder to one another" while pursuing their new roles. Then, while still writing her caption, Jen partially retracted that statement, leaving her social media followers to remain unsure as to whether or not a better attitude will actually be experienced between the two blondes who star on the new Apple TV+ show.

Much like with Reese's upload of the throwback snippet of Friends that was shared by The Inquisitr, Jen's post this week was enjoyed by her legion of followers. Their collective responses to the clip she shared were generally refreshing regarding the video that the 50-year-old thespian uploaded.

Jennifer's fans were swift to react to her new Instagram post, giving a whopping 4.7-plus million likes to the share. Not only that, but the comments section was overflowing with nearly 13,000 remarks, including many from the star's famous friends, and one from Reese herself.

"Still can't have dairy... but I have YOU and that's better," she said, referring to the punchline of the clip Jen shared. Reese added a heart-faced emoji to her endearing comment.

"I had to watch this 4 times to figure out if that's a pencil or a chopstick in Reese's hair," actress Whitney Cummings wrote, referring to what the actress had planted in her locks for the scene.

"The point is mightier than the shove," joked actress Mindy Kaling.

"Drop a [clap emoji] if you're ready for these ladies to take over the world November 1," said The Morning Show.

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