Instagram Smokeshow Michelle Lewin Dances Around In A Pink String Bikini While Flaunting Six-Pack Abs

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Michelle Lewin isn’t shy about showcasing her rock hard bikini body, and this week was no exception. The fitness model dazzled her over 13 million followers as she danced around in a tiny string bikini in her latest Instagram update.

In the video, Michelle sports a sexy pink bikini with stripes on the top. The tiny two-piece leaves little to the imagination as it shows off Lewin’s six-pack abs while she rolls her hips to some music playing in the background.

Michelle’s ample cleavage, toned arms, lean legs, and curvy booty are also on full display in the racy clip, where she moves around to the music with another bikini-clad friend, who also holds a baby in her arms while getting down to the beat.

Michelle’s gray-blond hair is parted down the middle and styled in shiny, straight strands that fall down her back and over her shoulders while she shakes her booty to the music.

The popular fitness guru also rocked a full face of makeup for the video, which consisted of dark eyebrows, thick lashes, and a shimmering glow. She added pink blush on her cheeks and a nude lip to complete the glam look, which she accessorized with a simple band around her wrist.

While Michelle’s incredibly toned body is what usually makes headlines, earlier this year Lewin was in the news for a very different reason.

People Magazine reported that while in the Bahamas for a photo shoot, the model was attacked and bitten by wild pigs on the beach.

The Venezuelan model was shooting photos while on Big Major Cay island in Exuma, which is known for its feral pig population. One large pig charged at Michelle and bit her hard right on her bikini-clad booty, which was documented on Instagram.

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Another model, Chanel Iman, has spoken out about not liking to visit the island because of the wild pigs that roam around freely. She said she was there to do a shoot for the Fyre Festival when she had a run-in as well.

“I don’t like going to that island to see those pigs cause they really, really will bite you. If you see the Hulu documentary I am like running, I am jumping in the boat because I don’t want anything to do with getting bit or getting hurt by the pigs,” she told the magazine.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Michelle Lewin’s insane bikini body by following the fitness model on her Instagram account.