‘Maxim’ Model Rachel Bush Is ‘Looking Like A Glazed Doughnut’ As She Shows Off Bikini-Clad Backside

Rachel Bush poses on the red carpet.
Joe Scarini / Getty Images for Maxim

Rachel Bush certainly has a way with words.

The Maxim model took to Instagram on Wednesday to give fans a very up-close look at her well-tanned backside in a bikini. In the photo’s caption, Rachel shared a colorful comparison, saying she was “looking like a glazed doughnut.”

The Instagram snap was a huge hit with fans, attracting thousands of likes and supportive comments.

“LITERALLY PERFECTION,” one person wrote.

“Yasssssss GIMME DAT,” another added.

The picture showed Rachel lounging outside in the sun in what appeared to be a poolside chair, though the picture was too close to tell exactly where it was taken. Either way, it’s likely that Rachel is taking a break from cold and wet Western New York, where she lives for half the year with her husband, Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer. As Rachel’s Instagram feed shows, she and Jordan split time between Buffalo and sunny Florida, where Rachel seems more at home as she shares a series of revealing photos by the pool and at the beach.

The Instagram model, who just a few months ago cracked the 1 million subscriber mark and now is marching her way toward 2 million, keeps her fans pleased with a steady stream of these racy pictures. In one shot last month, Rachel sat on the floor in front of a full-length mirror wearing a tank top that showed off so much cleavage that it just barely stayed within the strict no-nudity rules on Instagram.


But it’s not all just racy pictures for Rachel’s followers. They also get to see an inside glimpse at the life of a busy NFL wife, as Rachel shows her road trips to support her husband, all while raising their young daughter.

Rachel was still a teenager when they started dating and said in an interview with Sports Gossip that dating a famous athlete was a bit of an adjustment for her at first.

“I wasn’t one to really overreact about being with NBA or NFL players. Like we are all people at the end of the day,” she shared. “The articles and posts that started being written right when we first started hanging out were a little shocking, bit of a change for me at the time but they were all positive for the most part so it was cool.”

Those who want to see more from Rachel Bush can take a look at her Instagram page.