WWE’s Paige Drives Her Fans Wild With Sultry Cleavage-Baring Instagram Snap

GavanGetty Images

WWE bombshell Paige is rocking a sexy look on her Instagram page once again. The 27-year-old English wrestling personality — real name Saraya-Jade Bevis — showcased her gorgeous looks in a casual shot that made a bold statement. By the looks of things, Paige’s fans were quite taken by this sultry snap.

Paige posted the photo on her Instagram page late Monday night. She tagged her boyfriend, musician Ronnie Radke, in the caption and noted that he had felt compelled to take the photo when he saw her standing in the perfect lighting.

The WWE vixen had her dark hair parted on the side and styled casually, and she wore her signature deep red lip color. Paige went with a dark eyeshadow palette that synced up beautifully with the dim lighting.

The former wrestler appeared in a low-cut scoop tank top and had her arms crossed over her midriff. The low neckline gave Paige the chance to flaunt plenty of deep cleavage, and the knockout wrestling personality gazed off in the distance as Radke snapped the shot.

Paige currently has 5.6 million followers on Instagram, many of them showing their love for this casual yet sultry look. By Tuesday morning, the post had already garnered more than 165,000 likes alongside 800-plus comments.

“You make my heart beat all the time Paige,” exclaimed one impressed follower.

“Omg you’re gorgeous,” wrote another fan of the WWE bombshell.

“Wow saraya bevis you look so gorgeous babe i would kiss you,” declared an exuberant supporter of Paige’s.

Generating a lot of buzz with a sexy look is nothing new for Paige. In fact, the WWE star’s cleavage is often a central focus of her most popular snaps. That was the case in a recent set of photos wherein she was showing off an ombre hairstyle.

The WWE starlet’s Instagram page tends to be filled with sexy photos, but just a couple of days ago, she shared something more personal and emotional. Paige wished her mother a happy birthday, and many of her fans followed suit, sharing their own birthday wishes.

While Paige’s mom’s real name is Julia Hamer, she performs under the stage name of Saraya Knight. Her bio notes that she is a “teacher of old school British wrestling,” and Paige’s fans loved seeing this sweet photo and tribute on the WWE star’s page.

Paige has not been wrestling in recent times, but that doesn’t mean she has ventured too far away from the WWE world. There have been rumors swirling about what she might have in store for her fans next, and people are anxious to get details about what’s on the horizon for the stunning English beauty.