Kaley Cuoco Looks Smoking Hot Dashing Through Liquor Store In Tight Yoga Pants

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco is moving on from The Big Bang Theory. The sitcom actress will likely remain best-known for her Penny character for the rest of her life, but the famous blonde has landed herself a new gig. Kaley is acting in and producing her new TV show The Flight Attendant, and it looks like she’s been preparing for the show in an interesting way.

Then again, Kaley’s social media is often a little interesting: the 33-year-old recently showed Instagram her thong from her bathroom.

Kaley took to her Instagram stories overnight. The star posted a black-and-white photo of herself dashing around a liquor store, with fans seeing the star surrounded by rows and rows of wine bottles. Kaley seemed to have her hands full: the star had a bottle of liquor in each hand. While Kaley didn’t show her face, she didn’t deprive fans of her sizzling legs, with the star rocking a skintight pair of yoga pants flaunting her trim and shapely legs. Kaley appeared in a dark wardrobe from head to toe, and she also wore a loose top and flat shoes, plus a baseball cap and shades. Kaley’s long blond hair was in a somewhat-messy ponytail, with the image having a candid feel. Kaley jokingly referred to the situation as “prepping” for her new TV series.

Kaley has spoken out about what she’ll miss about playing her hard-hitting Penny character. The star also revealed how she wrapped up the series, with a mention of the famous “flash mob” dance that she performed with the crew earlier this year

“The flash mob was a big one that was really important to us as a cast and a crew,” Kaley told She Knows.

“It really brought us all together. I mean, every single person got involved on a little more of an intimate, personal level. The five women that are very close to me on the set are on my wardrobe, hair and makeup [teams]. [For] my wardrobe girls, I gave them… we all have little diamond twelves that I gifted them during the holidays, so we all wear them around,” the star added.

Kaley’s social media is filled with fun backstage snapshots of herself with the famous crew, although the account equally showcases Kaley’s life as a married woman, plus the fashionista that she is. Kaley recently updated her account rocking a designer Missoni pantsuit. Of course, the shirt underneath it featured a picture of a horse – Kaley is all about the horses. Well, that, and the liquor.

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